I'm Back!

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Oct 24, 2020

And happy to say I am just 'Peachy'......


It's been a long haul. My MS reared it's ugly head and it was THE WORST it has ever been for a LOOONNNNGGGGGG while. Infusions and now I feel pretty great again. I am VERY fortunate, I do not rely on a walker or wheelchair , yet.....but when I go out of remission, things are worse and often do not get better. This time, they did.


We are watching grandchildren more and we love it, but its tiresome yet necessary, and we LOVE the time with these kids..... She is in school finishing her Doctorate degree, we can't be any more proud of her. And her husband, our sons business is taking off doing amazing. THEY are amazing.


My Moms health is now deteriorating . She's 91 and stubborn, go figure,. it's very hard to see as we just lost hubby Mom this past February. 


But this is life....the Covid, upcoming elections....hey, we need to find the light to keep going, right? YOU ARE ALL a part of that light I have missed. So I hope and pray you're all well and look forward to getting active here again.

Looks like we have several new folks and cannot wait to offer encouragement to them as well.


I do plan to get back to painting Elders, but am backed up with commissioned work and some family I WILL get to you, if your on my list.