Make the Chili

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Oct 2, 2020

Life gets in the way sometimes and sometimes we overlook friends as life goes on, unintentionally



I have not been here much as of late but you have ALL been in my mind /heart each day. Lots going on, We have a family member recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Spine cancer, so prayers are appreciated. He'd only 40 and has a lovely wife and 3 children. Very difficult and sad, Terminal.I think I have problems, then this....Hug your loved ones because you never know when news like this can come. Seriously.


Anyway, I just wanted ya all to know. I am still here, still not smoking and very behind on  paintings and quit tokens. I love you all and once things settle I will be back annoying all the newbies to stay on track ( cause they are worth it) , painting , making tokens



                                            MAKE THE CHILI



Love to all!