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I come in PEACE.....I wrote this blog 3 years ago. I don't 'think' anymore about why I failed so often when I quit smoking. I know why. Heres the blog I wrote 3 years ago. I now have over 6 years quit.  It's something I never thought I could do....but once I made a strong foundation, my quit stuck. Heres the blog:


Building your quit an a firm foundation

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 20, 2017
  • Thats what I had to do. I had to not only learn about the tools to quit, but I had to start putting them in motion.

Oh sure, I had plenty of failure along the way. I errr, 'slipped' , as I USED to say a lot. The  I became is a choice, it always has been...My Choice. Slips are choices, ice.

I began using the tools i gathered along the way in my quit journey and began really holding onto the people in here that I saw strength in. Actually....that was everyone. So much advice, so much knowledge. Some I agreed with, some I disagreed with some I came to agree with as I developed my knowledge and put it into action. 


I believe in EVERYONE who comes to this site. They are here because they want desperately what we have. I know, I was one of them. I ranted and raved, did a lot of whining of my own. It was MY quit after all....and bless you allowed me to own it. Today I am 1083 DOF. Because with your help, I developed a backbone instead of a wishbone. You allowed me the freedom to take what I needed and leave the rest. I was not judged.


Our house is nearing completion. We hope to be moving by the end os September or the first week of October. It has been a hectic summer. I am tired but thrilled to finally reach this point. It is built solid. We put the best materials in it we could afford to maintain a home that should last beyond our lifetime. It was work, lots of work. It will stand for years to come.....and so will my quit.


I put much reading into it. Much study. Leaned on all of you ( thanks so much)  when my days were long and weary and I was totally burned out. I prepared well, finally, after several failed attempts. My foundation is rock solid'


I know I can never get complacent. I will protect my quit tillI take my last breath. soon as I am able to get online more, I will continue come here and support those who are in need as it was given to me. This is a beautiful site and ALL of you, new and old, are beautiful dear people. This is doable. This site was a Godsend for me... Stick around. Godbless



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Wanted to share this gem with you newbies.. This stuff, stuffs craves. I used it daily under my nose and even bought the inhaler to use during times out in public so I did not smell like a medicine chest. It was an immediate CRAVE KILLER for me.


To this day....6 years plus later, I still find a tad under my nose at night calming as I turn in at night. 

Just a FYI


I'm Back!

Posted by Mandolinrain Oct 24, 2020

And happy to say I am just 'Peachy'......


It's been a long haul. My MS reared it's ugly head and it was THE WORST it has ever been for a LOOONNNNGGGGGG while. Infusions and now I feel pretty great again. I am VERY fortunate, I do not rely on a walker or wheelchair , yet.....but when I go out of remission, things are worse and often do not get better. This time, they did.


We are watching grandchildren more and we love it, but its tiresome yet necessary, and we LOVE the time with these kids..... She is in school finishing her Doctorate degree, we can't be any more proud of her. And her husband, our sons business is taking off doing amazing. THEY are amazing.


My Moms health is now deteriorating . She's 91 and stubborn, go figure,. it's very hard to see as we just lost hubby Mom this past February. 


But this is life....the Covid, upcoming elections....hey, we need to find the light to keep going, right? YOU ARE ALL a part of that light I have missed. So I hope and pray you're all well and look forward to getting active here again.

Looks like we have several new folks and cannot wait to offer encouragement to them as well.


I do plan to get back to painting Elders, but am backed up with commissioned work and some family I WILL get to you, if your on my list.




I am sorry

Posted by Mandolinrain Oct 16, 2020

Sorry that I have not been around for the past several weeks. Its been a busy time for the family. 

I have not smoked and have no intention of smoking, just a FYI. I did have a MS relapse that was pretty horrible, but am back in remission now and am doing well.


We have a 40 yr old family member recently diagnosed with stage 4 Spine Cancer. He will be lucky to be around for the Holidays...they give him a year. He has a beautiful wife who is our daughter in laws twin sister and 3 children. 


I have the children more than I used to so on the days I dont have them I am working at Hospice or catching up in my gardens winterizing them and planting some bulbs and keeping up with normal chores.  I have not had time to paint and intend to get back to that soon as well.


Because of Covid and because I have the little ones so much I really dont go out much so I dont catch it and give it to them.


Anyway, just wanted too stop by and say hello. I PROMISE I will be back here in full swing soon once I get caught up outside.


I love you all and think of you everyday. Thank you for the ones who have messaged me and sent me their love and prayers. Sometimes extended time from this site, is necessary  anyway....but I will be back and painting Elders again soon. I have commixed work I have to get done first though.


Your all dear to me in my prayers often. See ya soon. XOXOXOXO




Make the Chili

Posted by Mandolinrain Oct 2, 2020

Life gets in the way sometimes and sometimes we overlook friends as life goes on, unintentionally



I have not been here much as of late but you have ALL been in my mind /heart each day. Lots going on, We have a family member recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Spine cancer, so prayers are appreciated. He'd only 40 and has a lovely wife and 3 children. Very difficult and sad, Terminal.I think I have problems, then this....Hug your loved ones because you never know when news like this can come. Seriously.


Anyway, I just wanted ya all to know. I am still here, still not smoking and very behind on  paintings and quit tokens. I love you all and once things settle I will be back annoying all the newbies to stay on track ( cause they are worth it) , painting , making tokens



                                            MAKE THE CHILI



Love to all!