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About Slips

Posted by Mandolinrain Sep 16, 2020

So you slipped?

 I have slipped also.....

On Ice-wet floors- snow-uneven surfaces-and yes even with smoking....or at least that's what I told myself....UNLESS of course your talking about a SLIP that you wear under a dress...or a SLIP of paper ????


Until then ,I realized I truly did not slip ( smoking) at all.....

I had been 'romancing the idea to smoke'....and so I did. I made a choice and I smoked. I did not slip. I chose. Poorly, in fact.


That was then, before my Elders taught me that a slip is really choice to smoke. I never accidentally 'slipped' a cigarette into my mouth and lit it up and smoked, if you follow.


6 plus years now for me of better choices...and no slips

Maybe not the exact pair...but yep, been there done that~


I've had the thoughts, " one won't hurt.....I can have a couple and be okay"

Lets be won't happen. We both now it so don't even think you kidding anyone, least yourself.


I've had those 'bad times'..." You cant even begin to imagine how ****** my day has been...I mean . so and so was horrible to me....I  am deathly loved one is deathly ill....I lost a loved one.... I lost a beloved pet.....My brain is misfiring ( Ugh, that happens a lot to me....) My kids hate me....I hate me.....I am having bad life experience.....I am depressed by the politics, by COVID, by the press, by the very people I call friends......and the list goes on.....Care to add to it?... Be my guest....

What can you do a out it. Not a damn thing. And guess what, smoking it away just gives you one less day of freedom. So you end up cheating yourself. Hows that for a dose of reality.?


listen, winter is coming soon enough. I myself prefer STEWING in the just tastes better, if ya follow. Theres enough crap going on in the world so lets focus on what we CAN CHANGE, and quit focus on what we can't.

 YOU CAN CHOOSE to not smoke. Lets start there


Come Home

Posted by Mandolinrain Sep 4, 2020

The last smoke

Was no joke….

I tried to make it last


I had no more

I’m done, I swore


 found myself back at the store, to fast


I had no plan

It was just me

I didn’t need your help


But then one day

On my knees I prayed…

And in my heart I felt..


Thats why were here

Far or near

At all hours of the day


To get you through

That very tuff moment

So tomorrow you can say….


“ I’ve a day WON

I’ve just begun

I don’t need to do this alone….


I came to Ex

You know the rest

 I finally found my way home”


Happy Labour Day Weekend.

Be safe and N.O.P.E.



Posted by Mandolinrain Sep 2, 2020

I woke up this morning and didn't even remember today was my 6 year anniversary until just a few minuets ago. Thats how much I think about smoking these days.. Hardly ever.


Smoking is not something I dwell on anymore because we broke up 6 years ago. Good riddance..


I used to plan everything and I mean EVERYTHING, around them....they dictated every part of my day from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. I always obsessed to make sure I would not be without them. Now I cannot even tolerate others 'smoking' around/near me. Its a huge turn off.


HOW I DID IT....after being a victim of MYSELF ( because I was the only one responsible for not making the best choice for me) and many failed quits......


1. Started with admitting I was powerless over Nicotine and needed  God to point me in the right direction.

    I submitted. The final straw.


2. Educated myself on WHY nicotine held me so tight, Learning from this site, read Alan Carrs book THE EASYWAY TO        

    QUIT SMOKING), which was a life changing eye opener to me. Fast short read Highly recommended.


3. Made a plan for what I would do in all situations instead of smoke. Even went as far as filling up a jar in the kitchen with tons of slips of paper that had little suggestions. So when a crave came, I would usually go there first.


4. Made decision to make the CHOICE not to smoke through thick and thin because thick and thin moments happen to 

     non-smokers as well. Pulled up my big girls panties and N.O.P.E. since.


My tips:


1. Vicks Vapor Rub and the inhaler were a Godsend for me. For some reason it calmed me down and squished

     cravings away almost immediately.

2. Drank a lot of water 

3. Cleaned my house like a white tornado. Nothing was left amiss.

4. Used a mini tramp I kept near to jump away craves.


One more thing. I was pretty active on EX prior to my FINAL quit but I was so embarrassed at all my failures I stayed away till I had some good 'time' under my belt. I dont recommend that. 


My favorite quit quote that also apply to other areas in my life:




Have a wonderful Day. N.O.PE.

Missy-6 years freedom as of today







What comes easy , won't last and what lasts won't come easy.