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You have had enough, you are frustrated, chewing everything edible and chewing everyone out in your path because you are angry, frustrated and darn it…you WANT O SMOKE….You are thinking….I LOVE TO SMOKE……UGH!!!!! I get it- we all ‘get it’


Your angry, Damn! Why is this so hard? Others have done it yet I have tried and tried and tried and I ……

jUST…………CANT!!! Mega Crap! I hate this, I hate me, I hate that I cannot quit but I KNOW I must, I need to…. for my husband, my wife, my kids my grandkids, my friends, my…who the Heck cares…I gotta, geese.


I am going back. Back to when this crazy crap was my thinking. I did think this way. I surely did. I had many times I NEVER in a million years, thought I would be able to quit. I loved to smoke, I told myself that and I believed it. With all my heart.


Why not? Heck, it relaxed me. It soothed my emotions at any given time. It was the company that never was, if you follow. It was the calm after any storm. You too? Huh!


Well heres a news flash. Those ‘Feelings’ are lies. I learned the hard way. PLEASE take the time to read Alan Carrs book THE EASYWAY TO QUIT SMOKING. please…..PLEASE…stick with this site and read blogs on here.


1.   PLEASE use the search button top right….type in ANY SITUATION you are going through…I PROMISE you will find the help you need,

2.   POST NOW. Tell us what's going on.



If you are here, it is because it is time. YOUR TIME, to be precise, to get this done. Be quit…..for good.. Make your choice right now, count. YOU are worth it.   Oh,,,,and please get and read Alan Carrs book. Is a fast read and well worth your time. You can still be smoking when you read it, but be will want to quit, before you finish the book....and most do, for good


Okay, said my peace  :)

Off in a distance you can sense its approach. You begin to feel uneasy, uncertain. You wonder if your safe...will you be safe?

You begin to think maybe you should have prepared more ahead of time.


Any one of us new at quitting or experienced with a long quit under our belt knows the seriousness of this. You can never be too careful and you must always be one step ahead of the clouds.....


You will know , as there will be warnings, DON'T IGNORE THE SIGNS...... You can hear the rumbles off in a distance  ( You begin to think just one won't hurt)


You begin to see the sky light in a far off distance....light flares at first then they get more vivid and closer ( You keep thinking of excuses to smoke and while you do not realize it...your on your way to fail your quit)


You see the weather alerts on your phone or TV. You know the storms is coming 

( Yet you go ahead and have that drink because your certain, it won't affect you)


Finally....the Warning horns in your county go off, you're power goes out and you are left standing in the storm, because you did not heed the warnings and you made a choice to take the chance it may not apply to you. ( You say, oh what the heck, I will quit again tomorrow).


Get the picture? Folks, believe me when I say this....Addiction has no respect for your choices. It will, however, always provoke you at the most undesirable times in life. It will steal your joy and it will ruin even the best of quits if you do not remain vigilant. Every singe soul, even those with the most years quit EVER , have to maintain vigilance

, because one puff will take us back to day one. I have seen it happen. 


One puff and you throw your quit out the window.One puff and the brains receptors wake up. JUST.....ONE....PUFF.


Be aware of your surroundings, your feelings your senses and when all else fails come here and post FIRST.

Thats a choice as well, but a good one to be sure  



You have nothing to lose but your quit.




sweetplt ....Not normal to not see you check in, so 'I'm checkin in on you. Please let us know you're ok



Posted by Mandolinrain Jun 23, 2020

So I know it has been awhile since I have done a 'shout out', sorry 'bout that.


Quit Tokens are 100% FREE to any member on this site who has a one year or more quit. I have mailed over 100 out since I began doing this a few years ago.

I make them from Silver-Plate Silverware which I engrave your Ex name and your quit date on it. You can request a pendant ( to wear on a chain ) or a keychain.


This is my way to give back to the community that has given me so much.

Just Private message me on this site your mailing info ( which I NEVER share..)

and your preference of token.


Happy Tuesday!


2121 D.O.F.~Missy


Unexpected guest

Posted by Mandolinrain Jun 21, 2020

They can throw you for a loop. I was not prepared to entertain today yet here I am entertaining out of State company that came not town unannounced and needed a roof over their head for just tonight. My brother and his newest girlfriend. So hubby and I are finally in bed and they are in other room watching TV when normally we would be asleep by now. Earplugs in.


He also smokes and has to go outside to smoke. He stinks when he comes in. Hate the thought of him sleeping in my guest bedroom smelling like smoke. Yuk. He says he needs to smoke for energy.



Then there's the OTHER unexpected guest in my beautiful compost pile yesterday. A RAT! I had a wheelbarrow over by it that was full of water and floating in it was a RAT!  Needless to say, I am done using kitchen scrapes other than coffee grounds in my compost pile. Whats next???


Well, if your like me, I have no idea 'Whats Next' but I won't smoke over it. Because it won't change the fact that Unexpected guests 'happen'. AND the moral of this story.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I could not live without

coffee or Tea

I'd be a mess,

poor ole me..

But I can live

without smoking today

And for that

, I thank you...for leading the way...


I could not live

without chocolate or cake

A miserable person

I would make

But I can live without

a smoke

Quitting was hard

, for sure joke


I could not live

without my Ex friends

Who encourage me daily

till no end

But I can live daily

without Negative thinking

Cause that just turns

into Stinkin' Thinkin'


No ~I choose you all

to keep me afloat

For I don't care

to row me own boat

I'll take advise

yes I'll take what I need

I'll leave the rest for others

Who's brain it may feed


I'm 62 today 

And a great day I had

A cake and ice cream...

who could be sad?


Great Husband

Great kids

And grandkids galore

And my lovely Ex friends 

Who could ask for more







Because every time I turn around, here I am. I think we are our own worst enemy at times.


Getting away from me comes down to a choice. I will choose to make things difficult or not. Choose to accept or not, choose to dwell or not....and choose to smoke, or not.


I'm not depressed, just was thinking how much I got into my own way of my quit years ago. I allowed every excuse in the world to smoke back then. I was my own enemy. I see it now.


Going to a desert Island sounded like the only  way for me to quit. Ahh well. Such is life. I had a lot of failed quits but I learned something from every one of them. Sorry  to ramble. Just had this on my mind today.

And then there's this,......


images.jpeg Come to Ex. Before you light up

Becoming smoke free is hard.


I never thought it could/would be possible. I felt it totally unobtainable for me because I failed over and over again when I began my MANY quits.


I chewed the gum, sucked the lozenges, tried the patch and the meds...and every other thing I could think of.


So how did I do it? I finally decided to see exactly what it was about Nicotine that kept me in its claws and once I understood lifted a heavy weight of burden and applying everything I was learning on this site finally made sense and became manageable.


Every time you take Nicotine into your system your brains receptors light up like Christmas trees. In doing so....your brains chemistry is responding to the drug and stimulated to be conditioned to set you up for the next crave. Thats it.


Thats what got me. Hook-Line and Sinker. This Hell I was putting myself would never stop until I stopped putting the drug into my system.

It made it clear for me. Thats what it took and that's when my fight began because I don't give up easy for something I am passionate about and I truly wanted the freedom from smoking.


Its yours for the taking. You will have crap days but you will have crap days anyway, so come on. Start planning your quit. Put yourself first and live longer.

We are here for you. 


TGIF and N.O.P.E.


(Storms here ) They will NEVER see me smoke or smell it on me because I quit and you can to.


Spending time with my grandkids who will never smell smoke on their Nana nor see her smoke...because,, She Quit!


Yesterday we had our other GRANDSON  who turns 4, July 1st. HE has only ever had HIS haircut once. Some don''t like seeing a boy with long hair but hey...JESUS had long hair, and it worked for him, lol 


Cillian and I , in behind the our house looking for things that move in the creek. Best Day Ever!



You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink


You can try on a size 8 but it won’t fit if your a size 12


You can fish without bait but you probably wont catch anything


You can go on a diet and lose weight but it wont stick it you go back to the pattern of eating you did previously


YOU CAN make stopping smoking easier if you understand the addiction


YOU CAN make stopping smoking easier if you become vigilant of your surroundings and prepare for obstacles ahead ( Have a plan of action on what you will do instead of smoke)


YOU CAN make stopping smoking easier if you are determined


YOU CAN make stopping smoking easier if you come to Ex and get to know the site and the folks here. We are like a perennial garden…we keep coming back , we share our journeys in hopes you will find elements in our quits that may match your needs for your journey.


We understand the deepest crave because we ALL had them, yet we made it….and we NEVER thought it possible. YES there will possibly be some things in the beginning of your Quit that you may need to stop for awhile…..such as parties, alcohol and maybe even your diet…..the point is, that can be temporary once you solidify your quit. Your body needs time to repair and adjust mentally and physically and it will not happen over night. But it DOES happen.


We have ideas for you. Suggestions to get you through, because to get the ‘breakthrough, you gotta ‘go through’. The better you plan your quit and prepare the less misery you will go through.


Theres a reason this site continues to flourish. It works. Simple.


Quitting smoking is not ’simple’, but we can smooth the bumps in the roads ahead in your journey if your willing to do the groundwork.


Oh….and the horses……Some will drink if led, some won’t. Thats a fact. Its also a fact that you cannot make them.


We can’t ‘make you’ quit either. Theres no magic pill-patch-book-gum or anything that will ‘MAKE YOU’ quit. They may lessen the desire, but YOU still have to do the work.


It all comes down to 'Choices'. Make 'em good one's today.

Best to you!- Missy 2099 DOF