Old Mother Hubbard and St. Nick???????  You wanna smoke? What the heck????

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 13, 2020

Old mother hubbard

Lived in a shoe

Social Distancing

To avoid COVID flu


She had plenty of food

 And TP to spare 

She even bought extra



But when she was shopping

Cigarettes caught her eye

“ If I get too lonely

I could give these a try……”


….Nobody would know

Since I’m here my myself

What could it hurt ?

I’ll  just keep them with

 My Elf on the shelf.”


Old Mother hubbard 

she did just that

Then one day she caught a 

glimpse of herself and screamed...

“Then she sat.......”

I hate myself and I hate being alone

Nobody answers my calls on the phone


Just as she was getting ready to give up on her quit 

Her chimney swelled up And down came St. Nick.


“Oh goodness ” She said in surprise’

You could have knocked”

You could have died”


“Oh honey, do you not recall” He said”…

I’ve been down chimmys for decades and I’ve seen them all…..

But that thing there, that your about to light up

Will kill you for sure and make you throw up……


You have a great quit, so why would you try….

its seems you are the one with the death wish 

Not I ”.


“Your right”…., she proclaimed ,

” I need to find things to do,...

I feel so cramped up

Being stuck in this shoe.” 


So she gave it some thought

and together they made

A list she could go to 

when she felt a bit strayed.


“ I’ll go for a walk or make green eggs and ham,

For the cat down the road,

Now thats a good plan….


“I’ll wash all the eyes in this little shoe

then I'LL resurface the bottom with gorilla glue….


I’ll clean all my pots

then all of my pans

then head to the garden

And weed all my lands”.


“Now your cooking”, St, Nick smiled and said…

”and don’t forget your Ex friends, 

call on them instead

when things go south ,get bad in your head.”…..


“They don’t mind what time of day, 

someones  around who will listen 

and then theres games you can play…..


Now brighten up this place

and let the fresh air in,

cause you are not gonna smoke, 

I promise by the hair

on my chimney chin chin"!


She laughed as he twisted

and went up the flu

and thought , I’m glad he reminded me

of what I can do….


And with a thud and a twist

the Jolly old elf

 flew up the chimney , 

in spite of himself


He got in his maserati

and proclaimed with a smile

Better check on the reindeer,

they’ve been stalled up for awhile



When your mind BEGINS to give you hints

that you may have permission to smoke,

thats when you come here,

instead of taking a toke.

Thats why we are here

.ANYONE of us

may need YOU to be here for us.

Lets do this together .....

One Day At A Time.