Peter Piper did not smoke....

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 12, 2020

Peter Piper did not smoke,

He tried it once but began to choke

He handed it off to Peter Pan

Whom he thought was a stronger man

But Pan said 'No, I'm just a boy

I don't mess with smokes~

Only toys

So off he went to offer it up

To Superman who was lifting a truck

He said ' how about you...would you like to try'

Superman said " I've no desire to die'

He told Peter Piper "The Joker would do it".

"Go give it to him and he'll get right to it'


He found the Joker behind a store

Luting of course~things galore

Piper said to him~

"I've something you should try

Big ole Superman passed on it

So what of you......"

"....are you afraid to die?


The Joker just looked at him and sneered.

An awful sick grin on his face then appeared.

"Oh my young man, you've come to the right place,

That cigarette will illuminate My beautiful face....

It will add wrinkles~ smile lines and stink up my hair~

It may even attract women who seriously don't care"


So the Joker got hooked and he loved smoking a lot.

So much in fact he killed his own plot.

His lungs they got heavy

He could barley walk

His voice and laugh gone

He could hardly talk


He got so weak

He could not eat

And his Thugs took advantage of him

He met his demise

The Joker did die

Fighting the cancer within.


If Peter Piper picks on you

And trys to tell you what to do

And offers up a smoke or two.....


Be strong enough to say to him

"Go find a Joker , cause I aint' him.





So if the peter piper offers to you , something that he would not even do, beware and run run away.

cuse we aint gonna smoke those offerings today