Food Distancing

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 11, 2020

Food distancing should become law if we must continue with Social distancing… 


I started my diet today.

It began well. I had a cup of tea and 2 very small maple cream stuffed cookies. I drank water. Watched a food show as I sewed more face masks, which by the way…I think I am on to something new here as a ‘diet aide’, for me anyway….


I have consumed black licorice, cookies, cheese, tomato soup ( the only healthy thing all day aside from apple). Had me some good old fashioned cookie dough as I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies today and nibbled on an apple for the heck of it. Am baking bread  awaiting the last rise….new recipe I made it up…so this should be interesting, more on that one later. HA!

See, I am not kidding.


Did not think about smoking anything other than perhaps a turkey later this week.


Did laundry and cleaned the bathroom off the garage the guys use. Yeah…..thats a great appetite  suppressant on it’s own. You may wanna try it. Have not ate a thing for at least an hour after that fine chore.


 Me thinks I should stick to painting, I am very behind in that department. Tomorrow.


So my new thought on food distancing goes like this…wear facemark ALL DAY and no cooking shows. 


Its a balmy 37 degrees last I was outside this morning. It’s cloudy cold and windy.

I am content though. 

Trying to see what crazy recipe . I can fixate on tomorrow because YOUTUBE videos are super for planting those ideas in me head.

I think I have gained 20# today. Time too fast…..

Tomorrow I will see if I can beat my totals and double up on the black licorice.

( someone blogged on the stuff not long ago and of course I HAD to go run out and it some. Yum


So thats all I got for my blog today. Calories for me and laughs for you. I’m thinking we all need the laughs but I don’t need the calories.


Ever notice how the word DON’T is like donut???? :)

Better go walk the dog now



Did I mention I did all this today while watching LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRE all day?????

'Oh Pa......'