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Early on in our quits I believe most of us can relate to that feeling of pressure building up. We called  it by many names: doom...misery...foreboding....scared....uncertain...failure....weak....anger ....resentment...CRAVE......

You can see where I'm going with this now?


Thats the addiction having a tantrum. It's what I say is 'The call of the wild'...because it is. It's that crazy beast having a pity party and it keeps thumping you on the head telling you " You won't make.....You can't do it.....Just one more puff..."

The call of this type of Wild is Nicotine and believe me it wears more disguise's than you could ever imagine and it will taunt you relentlessly.


JonesCarpeDiem has a couple simple solution's that I held tight to when I was new " You gotta go through to get the breakthrough"...and "Keep them away from your face".

Basically  its like a solider going to war ( you are) and they go in prepared, because they know what to expect and they have backup troops ( That is this community at Ex, we are YOUR backup)


Listen....quitting is not easy no matter what route you choose to quit. If it was, we would not need this site....or each other.

So if you are new...stick around. Listen to us. We have been where you are. Our journeys may not all be the same but we arrived and we will share our strength and weaknesses with you so you can 'get through' and win this war.


I just read in our local paper an acquaintance of ours died a couple days ago. He was a chain smoker , 60 years old...died of lung cancer. Left behind a wife and son and grandchildren.



Recognize your feelings, that's a great start. Recognize the silent storm as it begins to kick up its heels then to Ex. Don't wait until it's too late to take cover.

We are here for you and for each other....we will do to together  and we will give you the Ammo you need to win the war against Nicotine.


Sweet Dreams




Watching the 'Storm'

Posted by Mandolinrain May 22, 2020

I'm sitting in the rocking chair waiting for the 'storm' to fall asleep'...It's close.


I got a break to go take a shower as my hubby said he would watch them while I did. I was only gone 15 minutes and when I walked in the girls room they were both naked jumping on the bed. Pete says..."They took their clothes off". 

I said" Where were you",...he says...They did it as soon as you walked out of the room". "Imagine that" I say.


Anyway, the storms settling down noe, they watched  'The Gruffalo ' and that always soothes them. I highly recommend....heck it makes me tired.


Anyway, going to be a busy weekend. Twins parents coming when they get off work tomorrow for the weekend. I will be back next week. 


I made some more face masks, different pattern, SO much easier. Grandsons wanted 'Dino Teeth' so I painted them at 6:30 this morning before everyone was up. They are my first attempt and I don't have them even, but was fun.


****Stay well my friends, see ya next week. I've started another diet...the first one didn't have enough food allowance in it, so I figure being on 2 diets at same time ,should cover it


Cheers without Beers!!!!




For the Birds

Posted by Mandolinrain May 18, 2020

Have this little wren who is a fledgiling ( not so sure I said that right) anyway, found him/her in the garage corner today so I scooped him/her up and set him/her in my garden cause I saw Momma on the fence there calling at the baby. The rain sets in and the baby is hiding in my strawberries so I took one of my garden gourds out for him/her to get shelter. Hope so. I didn't know what else to do. I know Mamma bird was near by...and the baby was able to fly a little, but was staying in my strawberries

Sorta like our quits........

Early on we are lost and trying to find our way through this journey

We look for shelter

We listen to our  Elders

But we don't always follow what they say

So we get hit by the storm

Until we figure out..

Theres shelter...

But we have to choose to take it

It's been a beautiful day, yet here I am feeling melancholy. Storm is gone. Got my garden in this after noon. Have been on a writing spree as of late. I get that way sometimes, how I allow my emotions resonate. I have had my Mother in law on my heart most the afternoon, missing her so. Little things reminding me, making me think I need to call her only to remember, I can't. Like a Mother to me ,she was. I felt honored to have her as my Mother in law for 40 years.

So heres tonights thoughts as I listen to Don Henley sing " Theres a hole in the world tonight"( By the Eagles). Yes...there is.....but now there's a beautiful addition on Heaven.  Still....I miss her.


Where then your mood follows an

Undesired gloom 

Forsought ~ 

I dream


Beautiful blooms


Being wary of the path 

I choose

In case it challenges

Me unaware

And drives me out of stay

Stranded- doomed



In a land left forsaken

Idle ~seemingly

Without care

Feels much like immortal destitute,

Residing there 


Should I bequeath

A simple thought

If only my


Could desire it so

So it is this….

I allow hope

For the morrows 

New day

And with this

I am okay

Old mother hubbard

Lived in a shoe

Social Distancing

To avoid COVID flu


She had plenty of food

 And TP to spare 

She even bought extra



But when she was shopping

Cigarettes caught her eye

“ If I get too lonely

I could give these a try……”


….Nobody would know

Since I’m here my myself

What could it hurt ?

I’ll  just keep them with

 My Elf on the shelf.”


Old Mother hubbard 

she did just that

Then one day she caught a 

glimpse of herself and screamed...

“Then she sat.......”

I hate myself and I hate being alone

Nobody answers my calls on the phone


Just as she was getting ready to give up on her quit 

Her chimney swelled up And down came St. Nick.


“Oh goodness ” She said in surprise’

You could have knocked”

You could have died”


“Oh honey, do you not recall” He said”…

I’ve been down chimmys for decades and I’ve seen them all…..

But that thing there, that your about to light up

Will kill you for sure and make you throw up……


You have a great quit, so why would you try….

its seems you are the one with the death wish 

Not I ”.


“Your right”…., she proclaimed ,

” I need to find things to do,...

I feel so cramped up

Being stuck in this shoe.” 


So she gave it some thought

and together they made

A list she could go to 

when she felt a bit strayed.


“ I’ll go for a walk or make green eggs and ham,

For the cat down the road,

Now thats a good plan….


“I’ll wash all the eyes in this little shoe

then I'LL resurface the bottom with gorilla glue….


I’ll clean all my pots

then all of my pans

then head to the garden

And weed all my lands”.


“Now your cooking”, St, Nick smiled and said…

”and don’t forget your Ex friends, 

call on them instead

when things go south ,get bad in your head.”…..


“They don’t mind what time of day, 

someones  around who will listen 

and then theres games you can play…..


Now brighten up this place

and let the fresh air in,

cause you are not gonna smoke, 

I promise by the hair

on my chimney chin chin"!


She laughed as he twisted

and went up the flu

and thought , I’m glad he reminded me

of what I can do….


And with a thud and a twist

the Jolly old elf

 flew up the chimney , 

in spite of himself


He got in his maserati

and proclaimed with a smile

Better check on the reindeer,

they’ve been stalled up for awhile



When your mind BEGINS to give you hints

that you may have permission to smoke,

thats when you come here,

instead of taking a toke.

Thats why we are here

.ANYONE of us

may need YOU to be here for us.

Lets do this together .....

One Day At A Time.

Peter Piper did not smoke,

He tried it once but began to choke

He handed it off to Peter Pan

Whom he thought was a stronger man

But Pan said 'No, I'm just a boy

I don't mess with smokes~

Only toys

So off he went to offer it up

To Superman who was lifting a truck

He said ' how about you...would you like to try'

Superman said " I've no desire to die'

He told Peter Piper "The Joker would do it".

"Go give it to him and he'll get right to it'


He found the Joker behind a store

Luting of course~things galore

Piper said to him~

"I've something you should try

Big ole Superman passed on it

So what of you......"

"....are you afraid to die?


The Joker just looked at him and sneered.

An awful sick grin on his face then appeared.

"Oh my young man, you've come to the right place,

That cigarette will illuminate My beautiful face....

It will add wrinkles~ smile lines and stink up my hair~

It may even attract women who seriously don't care"


So the Joker got hooked and he loved smoking a lot.

So much in fact he killed his own plot.

His lungs they got heavy

He could barley walk

His voice and laugh gone

He could hardly talk


He got so weak

He could not eat

And his Thugs took advantage of him

He met his demise

The Joker did die

Fighting the cancer within.


If Peter Piper picks on you

And trys to tell you what to do

And offers up a smoke or two.....


Be strong enough to say to him

"Go find a Joker , cause I aint' him.





So if the peter piper offers to you , something that he would not even do, beware and run run away.

cuse we aint gonna smoke those offerings today


Food Distancing

Posted by Mandolinrain May 11, 2020

Food distancing should become law if we must continue with Social distancing… 


I started my diet today.

It began well. I had a cup of tea and 2 very small maple cream stuffed cookies. I drank water. Watched a food show as I sewed more face masks, which by the way…I think I am on to something new here as a ‘diet aide’, for me anyway….


I have consumed black licorice, cookies, cheese, tomato soup ( the only healthy thing all day aside from apple). Had me some good old fashioned cookie dough as I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies today and nibbled on an apple for the heck of it. Am baking bread  awaiting the last rise….new recipe I made it up…so this should be interesting, more on that one later. HA!

See, I am not kidding.


Did not think about smoking anything other than perhaps a turkey later this week.


Did laundry and cleaned the bathroom off the garage the guys use. Yeah…..thats a great appetite  suppressant on it’s own. You may wanna try it. Have not ate a thing for at least an hour after that fine chore.


 Me thinks I should stick to painting, I am very behind in that department. Tomorrow.


So my new thought on food distancing goes like this…wear facemark ALL DAY and no cooking shows. 


Its a balmy 37 degrees last I was outside this morning. It’s cloudy cold and windy.

I am content though. 

Trying to see what crazy recipe . I can fixate on tomorrow because YOUTUBE videos are super for planting those ideas in me head.

I think I have gained 20# today. Time too fast…..

Tomorrow I will see if I can beat my totals and double up on the black licorice.

( someone blogged on the stuff not long ago and of course I HAD to go run out and it some. Yum


So thats all I got for my blog today. Calories for me and laughs for you. I’m thinking we all need the laughs but I don’t need the calories.


Ever notice how the word DON’T is like donut???? :)

Better go walk the dog now



Did I mention I did all this today while watching LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRE all day?????

'Oh Pa......'

I am fortunate. My children are all married and happy and healthy. I had a nice day. Hubby and went for a country drive and then did some yard work together , edging and weeding. A lot was accomplished and I got to talk to our sons today.

I want to tell all Moms, young, old and step Moms-grandmas etc....Happy Mothers Day.


I also know theres Moms out there hurting today because perhaps their children are gone, have passed...or maybe they just don't have a great relationship with their Mom. Or maybe you are a son or daughter who Mother has passed on. For these Moms and sons and daughters, I especially want to recognize. My prayers tonight will be with you all. May your heart know peace tonight and may your memories bring you comfort and love. And may light and love and forgiveness enter into any relationships that are struggling between Mothers and their children.


Happy Mothers Day to all you fine women.

God Bless you all and keep you 

When you have finally become sick and tired of being sick and tired.


When you are ready to quit practicing defeating behavior that promotes your desire to smoke.


When you become  willing to explore the many blogs on this site of successful quitters and lean on them for guidance and support


When you are willing to take the time to TRULY UNDERSTAND all the dimensions of a crave and this addiction 

When you are tired of failing and quitting ‘Your way’.


When you say “ I GIVE UP-HELP-I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE’….Then you open the door to the top and begin to climb up….


Put another way: When  a candle is lit…if you keep trying to touch the flame, you will burn your finger.

One must stop putting finger into flame to avoid burn.

The burn takes time to heal. And as many know, once burned that skin is always more sensitive. So it if gets burned again….it takes longer to heal.

Same with quitting smoking.


Then there’s this…

My twin grand-daughters who are near 2-1/2….think if they just scream at the top of their lungs, I will ‘give in’ and give them whatever it is they are screaming for.

 Well for an instance this works and they stop but then they have learned that each and every time they want something from me all they need to do is SCREAM.


So I have quit feeding the screaming and guess what?  They are learning its not working anymore. Go Figure.


Quitting smoking is much like ignoring the screaming   and the more you run to the fill  the need of the scream or the crave…., the more it craves attention/fed


It will be hard before it gets easier, thats a given. But thats why you have all of us. We can suggest what we did to get through the really bad days. We all had them. While some of us quit cold turkey or used gum or patches,……we went through it. We ALL experienced good/bad days. Latch on to someones journey thats similar to yours, Many journeys on this site that are all successful. You have to design your own journey but designs are created by ideas and thoughts put in our brain that will apply to us and help us and make us.


So my friend. If you are struggling, chin up. We are here to help you through the struggle. If you persist you will get through. ( I leaned heavily on God when I quit, when I finally reached 'my personal bottom' and I am certain He will help you also if you ask)


Best to you and your quit. TGIF this is a good day to quit :)


Twins only screamed once today. They got over it, you will too :)

A reminder that one word in the English language that can be a noun,verb,adjective, adverb and preposition.


This two-letter word in English has more meaning than any other two letter word. The word I am talking about is 'UP'.



It's easy to understand UP, meaning toward the sky or at the top of a mountain, but when we awaken in the morning, why do we 'wake UP'?


At a meeting, why does a topic come UP, and why are the officers UP for election and why is it UP to the secretary to write UP a report? We call UP our friends to brighten them up, or we brighten UP a room, polish UP silverware and cars, we warm UP the leftovers and clean UP the kitchen. We lock UP the house and fix UP old items to repurpose them.


At other times, this little word has real special meaning. People stir UP trouble, line UP for tickets, work UP an appetite, and think UP excuses......


To be dressed is one thing but to be dressed UP is special.


And this UP is becoming  confusing: A drain must be opened UP because it is stopped UP.


We open UP a store in the morning and we close it UP at night, We seem pretty mixed Up about Up.


To be knowledgeable about proper uses of UP, look UP the word in a dictionary. In a desk-sized dictionary it takes UP almost 1/4 of the page and can add UP to about thirty definitions.


If your are UP to it, you might try building UP a list of the many ways it is used. It will take UP a lot of your time, but if you don't give UP, you may wind UP with a hundred more.


When it threatens to rain, we say it is clouding UP. When the sun comes out we say it is clearing up. When it does not rain for awhile, things dry UP. One could go on and on but I will wrap it UP for now...The storm ( our twin grand-daughters) , arrive here tomorrow morning and so I need to pick UP and move fragile things out of their way, least they break them UP.  Oh one more thing....What was the first think you do n the morning and the last thing you do at night?






Did that one crack you UP?


Don't screw UP, Don't light UP.


Now I will shut UP


This was all written by author unknown, except for the words in red)




Chop Chop Chop

Posted by Mandolinrain May 4, 2020

( To the tune of-'Shake your Booty')



It got away,

My hair was going wild


You could say

I’ve had no haircut

~It been awhile


So I chop chop chopped

Chop chop chopped

I chopped my hair off

All my hair off

Chop chop chop

Chop chop chop

Chopped my hair


I closed the door

To my bedroom

With scissors 

Mirror and a broom

Began to cut

8 inch lengths

My dog even left the room


When I was done

I could see

All my natural colored hair

Nothing left

Of highlights now

No none were found anywhere


Cause I chop chop chopped

chop chop chopped

Chopped my hair off

All my hair off

Chop chop chop

chop chop chop

I chopped my hair off


My husband  he

Was so impressed

He wanted his hair done too.

I still had the horse trimmers

From the barn

So I set them  to number 2


And I buzz buzz buzzed

buzzed buzzed buzzed

I buzzed his hair off

I buzzed his hair off

Buzz buzz buzz

buzz buzz buzz

I buzzed his hair off


Now he and I 

We will get by

In two weeks 

Our hair will take on new demands


But until the salon 

and barbers open

He got a new gal I got me a new man~



Cause we chop chop chopped

Chop chop chopped

Chopped my hair off

Chopped my hair off


And we buzz buzz buzzed buzzed

Buzzed buzzed buzzed

Buzzed his hair off

All his hair off


We have no skunks now

On our heads

No need to go out to buy dye

The only one

We will answer too

Is our stylist when she sees us

And starts to cry…….


Cause we chopped and buzzed

Chopped and buzzed

Lots of hair off

All our hair off

Were letting it grow

in 2 weeks we’ll know

To frown or smile

It will take a long long while


It will grow back

Thats a fact

I'm never cutting

It again

Our hair grows fast

We're so glad for that

Not repeating

That sin…….

Im done writing. HA!



PS: I do not recommend you try this at home. Do this at your own risk

As we wait 

For the sunset

Don’t let 

This day 



Least you forget

To be grateful 

Even when

You don’t



Gratitude will turn 

All we have

Into enough


We allow it.



And I wish it was.....

Posted by Mandolinrain May 3, 2020

......Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Arabians....ahhh well, such is life.


We do not need to smoke over anything. It is a choice to smoke or not to smoke. Smoking will not change any given situation ( although I swore it did when I was a smoker).


Life has been stressful this year. New things addressing our everyday way of living and looking at life. 


More time to contemplate our presence as well as our future.

Decisions being made for us and by us.


Life will keep happening and sometimes we will wallow in bad times and sometimes we will wallow in good times, mediocre times too.


Smoking does not need to be of the equation nor does non productive behavior. 


I have no idea what News will be news tomorrow, if the sun will shine from noon till 3 or if I will be ill or not....among many things, tomorrow will present all new things in a variety of flavors. All I can be is prepared and make the best choices in all circumstances as they occur. Daily. I am just darn grateful to have you all in my life. 

I will not smoke today!


This evenings Sunset