The truth

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 12, 2020

Where my words come from?

I don’t know


How long will it take

I don’t know


When will t be over 

I cant say


It is different for us all..

Perhaps ….. days


What will it feel like?

Feels like you're  doomed.


When will it pass?

Not too soon.


Is there hope I can quit?

Absolutely yes.


But i’ts been years I have smoked, are you sure it can be done?

Yes is the answer, and no its not fun.


I challenge you, today is the day.

Keep on smoking or throw them away.


Of tomorrow, what will you say?

I hope it is the choice…to throw them away.


The thing is, its different for us all. Some suffer longer than others. I personally believe the more I  understood the addiction the better I did ...Alan Carrs book ( The EASYWAY TO QUIT SMOKING) was so helpful, but that's my story; There SO MANY GOOD QUIT STORIES o here, look a them all and find one that fits you.


No matter what quit method you decide on, it will work if you work it. It all about CHOICE. Make one.