Good Friday~Count your blessings...and your quit

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 10, 2020

With so much social distancing going on, many of us have some extra time now we can set aside and reflect well as our quits. Why we ever started, why  it took so long to quit...why once we decided to quit, smoking can just never be the same. Ever. We have all felt that at one time or another , I suspect.


I am taking more time to do this. Less Computer and Less TV time. 

More reflection.


It's an excellent time to 'Study' an area of your life that needs development, be it Spiritual-Personal-Your quit or whatever area you choose.

For me , in this time of pandemic and uncertainties, I am choosing 

'Gratitude/ Blessings', as I see them all in the same light.


YOU are ALL 'Blessings to me and I am grateful for the impressions you have all given to me'. It reminds me especially today, Good Friday', that while our Lord is not on the Cross anymore, He is still present in my life and very active. He is still in control.


And while I may never meet all of you, I take you all with me in my thoughts daily as you all continue to remind me why I do not smoke anymore and why I never will, so help me God. I feel so Blessed that God has put you all in my life.


Be blessed, be grateful, Count your Blessings. 



God is Good