Unoccupied Island open for your business. Nicotine is the only forbidden item you can bring with you...

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 30, 2020

Actually this is a perfect time to quit. I remember having thoughts when I was contemplating quitting smoking years ago. I used to say to myself and friends

"The only way it will work for me is if you put me on a desert island alone so I can't be around others and be tempted" island had arrived but gratefully I quit back in 2014....but hey...the island is still unoccupied, so go...if your still a smoker.


When I was in the store I noticed how much the price of cigarettes are now. $2.00 more than I paid before I quit. Wow, and I thought $6.00 a pack then was high.

Anyway, so now with all the self isolation, perhaps it could be added incentive to quit. That and this horrible COVID-19 is especially hard the lungs.

So if you are looking for an excuse to quit....this would be it. Find your Island.


PS: Currently you are allowed to leave your island for essential items, however Nicotine is forbidden.


Stay home and stay healthy