40 year Wedding Anny. today

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 22, 2020

First off thanks everyone for the thoughtful words, cards and such for my husbands cousin who is still hospitalized with COVID-19. He is awake and remains on a Ventilator. His lungs are improving. I am a firm believer in prayers, so thank you all for that.


Anyway, since we are mainly self isolating, we have been walking the dog out in our woods and the area Reservoir each day a couple hours. Good for all of us.

Today being our 40 year wedding Anny, we had plans to travel but as you know, we , like every other American , are staying home...or close to. Pete bought me a beautiful Mothers Ring with our boys stones in it and all our grandchildren. I got him a Nice Timex watch that he can wear when working out in woods. ( We prefer being outside than inside)....although I don't have any experience like Giulia with a chainsaw , except for ONE TIME when Pete was out of town and I ws forced to use one to get fallen limbs off of the pasture fencing so horses would not escape.....I am a very good 'stacker' of wood . I will leave the handling of those saws to folks like G, they scare me a bit... I don't mind using a hack saw though, lol. So we are cleaning up our woods and its great exercise also


So tonight we are having sweet potatoes and Black Angus Steaks and spinach salad for supper to celebrate.

 Looks like we wont be seeing kids for awhile if this so called lockdown happens. So I have been working on starting my garden plants indoors. I may really get into this indoor garden thing for all year.

Also was reading about harvesting rain water last night for the heck of it, even though we have a propane house generator. One easy way is simply using an inside down umbrella over a bucket ( food approved bucket) to collect rain water...which is actually better than rain barrels that collect water from spouting. No filter needed. Who knew?

Lots to do and study and learn. Anyway, I think I will be online more now. Kids are all bak home. Stay well and in touch. Aren't you glad the one item we DON'T need to stock up on is the stinky ciggs? Wow....I sure am! N.O.P.E.

Love to all~Missy