If you don't take care of your body....where are you going to live?

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 13, 2020

To the new folks quitting~

Sometimes what is right in front of us and so very obvious is what we CHOOSE to ignore.

But the truth is in front of us....its in your heart of hearts. You know it to be true. You may deny it outright, but deep is there. You know you have to really pull from somewhere DEEP inside to resolve to address whatever it is thats holding you from 'just doing it'.


Today, write a letter to you and then one to the smokes. Be true to YOU for a change and decide it is time to make the house that stores your very essence the very best it can be...because you are worth it. YOU deserve to be free.


After you write the letters I want you to find a special container to put the letter in. Whenever the craves pulls you deeply into its claws, I want you to retrieve the letter. Look at to as though it was written to and about someone you love ( for it actually is).





Because :

If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?

Russian Roulette always comes to an end and it's never pretty.