Smoking Thoughts

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 5, 2020

Where did to come from,

that thought now ,to smoke

I'm finished with them

so be gone you ole bloke


I threw you away months ago and never looked back

Yet here you are begging me to take back your crap

I don’t need the headache, the sickness with wheeze

I don’t want you haunting me so go away please


Your nothing but trouble

and I have quite enough

So I’ll do the right thing

and put my Ex friends on your butt


I’ll go to the site and I’ll scream out for help 

You better take heed

cause they’ll give you the belt


They will build me up stronger

than you could ever imagine 

while You tuck your tail running

in a probable Fashion


You’ll go away 

and I just grow stronger 

with hardly a thought of you 

to bug me any longer


See thats what we do here

Ex at its best,

Hang onto us 

When Smoking thoughts give you no rest


Where has it gone now.

That thought that told you to smoke?

It left when you came here

Cause we gave you a poke


Keep coming back

Someones always here

Someday someone will be leaning on you  to help

Them in their fear.


Meanwhile….stay near.