The easy way to quit smoking

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 3, 2020

Let me know when you find it, meanwhile I won’t hold my breath.

It has been MY experience that the’easy way out and through” have bad end results. 


Now Alan Carr did write a cool book called ‘THE EASYWAY TO QUIT SMOKING’ and if there is such a thing as THE EASY WAY’, pinch me please. No, kick me.

I loved the book though. I do give it alot of credit for helping me finally ‘get it’. AND THAT, I supposes was what the EASYWAY was….FOR ME. Getting it. KNOWLEDGE. Things I never knew about the addiction that gave me an AH-HA moment. THAT was what I needed.


Folks, you can search until the sun sets and rises a million times for an easy way to quit smoking but wouldn’t it just be easier to take some time and learn the WHYS of addiction? Then perhaps an inventory of how the ‘WHYS’are  keeping you hooked?

To me, anyway, THAT IS the easy way to quit smoking. Understand your enemy, prepare for the battle ahead of time then go to the front lines and pursue your quit with all the knowledge and artillery that you stored up and WIN!


Or you can keep banging your head on the wall and keep traveling the same ole mountain because I promise you….its going nowhere.

Quitting smoking is just plain hard. If it was just plain easy, there would be no use for this site.


All the aides in the world will not quit for you. Sure they may soften the blow but the blow will still come. Its the KNOWLEDGE about this addiction that will give you the BEST LASTING results, IN MY OPINION, anyway.


Understand your enemy. Look ahead at what you set yourself up for each time you put a dose of nicotine into your system no matter what source it is…nicotine is nicotine packaged in a variety of ways.

So now here comes the part where I share with you that THIS is what I needed to quit. This is what worked for me. No easy way. Even with the  knowledge, I still had to make choices.


The choices were so much more eventful though ( once I read Carrs book) because I understood the challenge of war I was going to be fighting. I was determined to go in and fight for myself. I was worth it. YOU are worth it. Learning that each time I puffed I awoke the enemy and set myself up for the next desire....priceless. Its exactly what I needed to hear to quit the head banging.


The Military has boot camp to prepare the soldiers before going to war… have us.


Theres many many a way to win this nicotine war. I have yet to hear an EASYWAY, but I do know from experience, the only way out is through....and a huge dose of knowledge may provide an easier path to follow.

Just a thought.