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Just thought I would pass these idea's on~


Order a BIDET. I did. $29.00 on Amazon. My friends got them and love them and said they were very easy to install. Message me if you want the info on the one I got. No electric needed.


ANOTHER TP IDEA: Buy regular napkins or face tissue and dispose of them in extra plastic grocery bags that grocers put your groceries in.


Use DISHWASHING GLOVES. I bought a pair for 99 cents and they last along time. Re-useable.  I put them on when I go to grocery and as soon as I get home I fill my sink with diluted bleach water. I then wipe down EVERYTHING I bring inside before I take them off. I also wipe down my steering wheel and car things I touch as well as ALL the bags. I put the plastic bags into a box to re-use. I keep these gloves in my truck.


NO MASKS? I use a scarf around my face/mouth/ nose and it goes directly to washer machine when I come home BEFORE I remove my gloves. I keep extra of those also in the truck.


I also use vinegar.baking soda to wash off produce.


Hope these tips help someone.






Actually this is a perfect time to quit. I remember having thoughts when I was contemplating quitting smoking years ago. I used to say to myself and friends

"The only way it will work for me is if you put me on a desert island alone so I can't be around others and be tempted" island had arrived but gratefully I quit back in 2014....but hey...the island is still unoccupied, so go...if your still a smoker.


When I was in the store I noticed how much the price of cigarettes are now. $2.00 more than I paid before I quit. Wow, and I thought $6.00 a pack then was high.

Anyway, so now with all the self isolation, perhaps it could be added incentive to quit. That and this horrible COVID-19 is especially hard the lungs.

So if you are looking for an excuse to quit....this would be it. Find your Island.


PS: Currently you are allowed to leave your island for essential items, however Nicotine is forbidden.


Stay home and stay healthy

First off thanks everyone for the thoughtful words, cards and such for my husbands cousin who is still hospitalized with COVID-19. He is awake and remains on a Ventilator. His lungs are improving. I am a firm believer in prayers, so thank you all for that.


Anyway, since we are mainly self isolating, we have been walking the dog out in our woods and the area Reservoir each day a couple hours. Good for all of us.

Today being our 40 year wedding Anny, we had plans to travel but as you know, we , like every other American , are staying home...or close to. Pete bought me a beautiful Mothers Ring with our boys stones in it and all our grandchildren. I got him a Nice Timex watch that he can wear when working out in woods. ( We prefer being outside than inside)....although I don't have any experience like Giulia with a chainsaw , except for ONE TIME when Pete was out of town and I ws forced to use one to get fallen limbs off of the pasture fencing so horses would not escape.....I am a very good 'stacker' of wood . I will leave the handling of those saws to folks like G, they scare me a bit... I don't mind using a hack saw though, lol. So we are cleaning up our woods and its great exercise also


So tonight we are having sweet potatoes and Black Angus Steaks and spinach salad for supper to celebrate.

 Looks like we wont be seeing kids for awhile if this so called lockdown happens. So I have been working on starting my garden plants indoors. I may really get into this indoor garden thing for all year.

Also was reading about harvesting rain water last night for the heck of it, even though we have a propane house generator. One easy way is simply using an inside down umbrella over a bucket ( food approved bucket) to collect rain water...which is actually better than rain barrels that collect water from spouting. No filter needed. Who knew?

Lots to do and study and learn. Anyway, I think I will be online more now. Kids are all bak home. Stay well and in touch. Aren't you glad the one item we DON'T need to stock up on is the stinky ciggs? Wow....I sure am! N.O.P.E.

Love to all~Missy


Just because

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 17, 2020

And who would know

Or even care 

Or want to understand

Unless they walked

Within my shoes

And be here as I am


The former me

Who once belonged

To those excused from certainties

Within the circles of smoke exhaled

From them

And then from me


Theres this and that

To and fro

And where I once came from

Theres here and now

And forever gone

Yet forever here somehow


I believe

By end of day

When all is said and done

I did my best

Now I rest

For today

Is this day won








Ski Mammoth

See the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart

Go to Alaska.....not a cruise...I want to see all of it

See Big Sky Montana ( I think we are going this fall )

Get published-children book

Go to Ireland

Learn how to fly fish

Learn Cello...and learn it well

Try out for area symphony with flute....working on that presently.

Hike Pacific Crest Trail

Create an awesome English cutting garden 

Make many fun art and music memories for my grandchildren-teach them about horses, how to ride etc...




These are some of mine....what are some of yours?

To the new folks quitting~

Sometimes what is right in front of us and so very obvious is what we CHOOSE to ignore.

But the truth is in front of us....its in your heart of hearts. You know it to be true. You may deny it outright, but deep is there. You know you have to really pull from somewhere DEEP inside to resolve to address whatever it is thats holding you from 'just doing it'.


Today, write a letter to you and then one to the smokes. Be true to YOU for a change and decide it is time to make the house that stores your very essence the very best it can be...because you are worth it. YOU deserve to be free.


After you write the letters I want you to find a special container to put the letter in. Whenever the craves pulls you deeply into its claws, I want you to retrieve the letter. Look at to as though it was written to and about someone you love ( for it actually is).





Because :

If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?

Russian Roulette always comes to an end and it's never pretty.


ALL Ohio schools closing

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 12, 2020

Starting Monday all Ohio schools will be closed for 3 weeks. They also have all events over 100 people cancelled until further notice and all Sport tournaments included. I actually am grateful they are doing this.

JACKIE1-25-15 ~ Jackie's sister passed yesterday morning from extended illness.


Jackie, we love you and am sending much love and prayers your way.




Smoking Thoughts

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 5, 2020

Where did to come from,

that thought now ,to smoke

I'm finished with them

so be gone you ole bloke


I threw you away months ago and never looked back

Yet here you are begging me to take back your crap

I don’t need the headache, the sickness with wheeze

I don’t want you haunting me so go away please


Your nothing but trouble

and I have quite enough

So I’ll do the right thing

and put my Ex friends on your butt


I’ll go to the site and I’ll scream out for help 

You better take heed

cause they’ll give you the belt


They will build me up stronger

than you could ever imagine 

while You tuck your tail running

in a probable Fashion


You’ll go away 

and I just grow stronger 

with hardly a thought of you 

to bug me any longer


See thats what we do here

Ex at its best,

Hang onto us 

When Smoking thoughts give you no rest


Where has it gone now.

That thought that told you to smoke?

It left when you came here

Cause we gave you a poke


Keep coming back

Someones always here

Someday someone will be leaning on you  to help

Them in their fear.


Meanwhile….stay near.

Let me know when you find it, meanwhile I won’t hold my breath.

It has been MY experience that the’easy way out and through” have bad end results. 


Now Alan Carr did write a cool book called ‘THE EASYWAY TO QUIT SMOKING’ and if there is such a thing as THE EASY WAY’, pinch me please. No, kick me.

I loved the book though. I do give it alot of credit for helping me finally ‘get it’. AND THAT, I supposes was what the EASYWAY was….FOR ME. Getting it. KNOWLEDGE. Things I never knew about the addiction that gave me an AH-HA moment. THAT was what I needed.


Folks, you can search until the sun sets and rises a million times for an easy way to quit smoking but wouldn’t it just be easier to take some time and learn the WHYS of addiction? Then perhaps an inventory of how the ‘WHYS’are  keeping you hooked?

To me, anyway, THAT IS the easy way to quit smoking. Understand your enemy, prepare for the battle ahead of time then go to the front lines and pursue your quit with all the knowledge and artillery that you stored up and WIN!


Or you can keep banging your head on the wall and keep traveling the same ole mountain because I promise you….its going nowhere.

Quitting smoking is just plain hard. If it was just plain easy, there would be no use for this site.


All the aides in the world will not quit for you. Sure they may soften the blow but the blow will still come. Its the KNOWLEDGE about this addiction that will give you the BEST LASTING results, IN MY OPINION, anyway.


Understand your enemy. Look ahead at what you set yourself up for each time you put a dose of nicotine into your system no matter what source it is…nicotine is nicotine packaged in a variety of ways.

So now here comes the part where I share with you that THIS is what I needed to quit. This is what worked for me. No easy way. Even with the  knowledge, I still had to make choices.


The choices were so much more eventful though ( once I read Carrs book) because I understood the challenge of war I was going to be fighting. I was determined to go in and fight for myself. I was worth it. YOU are worth it. Learning that each time I puffed I awoke the enemy and set myself up for the next desire....priceless. Its exactly what I needed to hear to quit the head banging.


The Military has boot camp to prepare the soldiers before going to war… have us.


Theres many many a way to win this nicotine war. I have yet to hear an EASYWAY, but I do know from experience, the only way out is through....and a huge dose of knowledge may provide an easier path to follow.

Just a thought.