Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Nov 22, 2019

Thats what my almost 2 year old twins grand-daughters are doing now. They have been here for 2 days and go home tomorrow.


I like to use the word recharging because when they wake up they are full of energy and bursting at the seems to get into everything all over again and scream…and wow do they scream, but they are so fun…..


Then a few hours later, thats when the tears and fighting begin. They are also starting to get very good at saying NO to everythng.when they are tired which got me to thinking…


EX SMOKERS should too


So a little Nana advice…..if your tired just say NO and go take a nap. When you ‘recharge’, all will look better. Tired people need to say NO more often :)


I'm tired and going to bed when they do tonight around 8-8:30…and I won’t have any trouble saying NO to that

I will just be re charging