Is FEAR holding you back?

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Nov 16, 2019

Fear has caused its share of damage to many a good quit. It may bring forth intimidation, lack of reason, lack of makes us weak in our compromises, choices and excuses. It truly can manifest in so many ways.


What ways has it interfered with your own quit now or in the past and what do you do or have you done to to recognize it now and get past it?


Myself....I pray first. I remind myself I am never alone unless I choose to be. I go to the God of my understanding first then I come here if I feel my quit being threatened.


Fear truly hurt me in my early quit until I understood that it was the addiction talking in me head. Fear wanted fed and it wanted me to surrender to it completely. Fear told me I would never be able to relax and enjoy myself again if I quit and THAT was probably the biggest lie it ever told to me. I had several failed quits at first until I came to really grasp the addiction and the truth about fear.

So did FEAR relate to your quit and how to you overcome ?

Happy Saturday Everyone