How not to 'Cave to the Crave'

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 3, 2019

1. Acknowledge the Crave for what it is ~Your brains receptors want to be fed. Figure out what you can do to instead of caving in...clean out your house for instance, every cotton pickin' drawer-door and them some.


2. Look at your surroundings~ Are you somewhere physically that is inducing the    crave? Can you remove yourself from this situation and if not, what can you do to improve your surroundings? Theres always something here overlooked.


3. Consider your thoughts/Mood ~Are you reacting to them and what could you do instead of giving into them? Make it a Quest....we know who we are when we smoke, now let's discover who we are without them


4. Come to Ex~ Someones here all the time and while you may not get a reply right away, I promise as soon as people see you calling out for HELP, many will come to the rescue. In the blogs on the site. Use the search on the site and type in whatever it is that is making you want to smoke at that instance and again, I promise, many blogs will pop up that will walk you through your crave.


5. Vicks Vapor Rub~  Magic in a little blue bottle. A tad under my nose smashed craves instantly. Worked for me very well. I even used the inhaler when we went out so I would not smell like Vicks. After 3 months, I didn't need it at all anymore. I was good to go and craves were manageable.


6. Keep a journal. Write in n what is making you want to smoke at that instant, then list what you can do instead. I think its good to be aware of the triggers. And interesting to see how you got through it. Life is going to continue to happen smoking or not. Tell me this...Did the problem go away when you snuffed out the cigarette? Never did for me. It only set me up for the next cigg. and the more I smoked the faster the setup ( crave) came.


7. Expect the challenge of the crave, just don't Cave to it. When our Military Men and Women go to war, they know all there is about the enemy they are about to face. They prepare ahead of time and they have a plan of action and often several backup plans. Know what you're facing. Know your enemy~Nicotine. Don't get ambushed. This is war and consider us your backup troops. Lets do this!




We get it. While we all have our own personal journeys we have ALL had the same craves. The best way to beat the crave is to quit feeding it. Every time you

smoke, you are essentially  waking up your brains receptors and feeding them. The goal here is to starve them so they shut up and leave you alone. The longer they go without being fed, the sooner you will be on this side of Freedom and believe me, its all good and its all doable.


Bottom Line

Get out of the Cave and Engage

Smoking in Caves lead to death