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Wherever I go~There I am

Posted by Mandolinrain Jun 21, 2019

Its been hectic in my life the past few weeks but all good. I have missed being more active here and I will be again soon. Meanwhile I am recognizing new things about life and my life especially.

Wherever I go there I am. Simple philosophy I did not come up with, but whats so clever about it , is that, THAT is exactly how I am enjoying my life as of most recent. I'm enjoying the present and staying there.


I have choices of how I will react to any given situation at any given time and this includes smoking.


Nancy , aka YoungAtHeart has been faithful to remind us every Friday about the dangers of drinking, due to its pull that makes us more likely to let down out guard and 'smoke'. I suppose you could like this passage with 'Whomever I'm with~There I am , as well. 


Hold tight your guard around People-Places and Things.

Be aware of your surroundings and the folks you're with. Are you in an environment that the activity may weaken your stance on your quit should you decide to 'partake',and what about the People? Are they folks who will encourage your quit or are they the kind who will sluff it off as, 'awww now, won't make or break ya.?


Just something to chew on. Wherever you go, there you are. Make good choices. Days won are much better than Days One. Been there done that. Just sayin.


Happy weekend! I am just praying for a dry one. Seen enough rain here for awhile . Now me gardens beds are begging to be plucked of weeds, so I'm gettin' goin'

Negativity can reduce a persons self worth in a red hot second.

Think on these things before you react or speak :

1. Is it kind

2. Is it True

 Basically-Taste your words before you spit them out


What has this to do with smoking you ask?

Not a thing. But it is good food for thought. 

It never hurts any of us to do this.



One more thing~

Hurting People Hurt People.

So the next time you find yourself in the line of fire

don't react to it.


Be the Light in a dark room.


Today I had to clean up my 2 yr. old grandson who basically exploded in his diaper. Very bad explosion. I asked him if he would like a diaper change, he said  " No Nana,I just farted, I don't pooh~I'm really okay" 

Of course I knew otherwise as the odor was very obvious . So he ended up getting another bath and of course anything to avoid going to bed and getting yet more bubble time.


Moral of that little story~


Stink is stink and it all comes out in the wash, providing you do wash it.


And just like words......

Some may take awhile longer to clean

Forgiveness and Love are ALWAYS the best option.


Goodnight and sweet dreams


Then and Now

Posted by Mandolinrain Jun 10, 2019




1. Smoking was a relaxer for me

2.Smoking was a sedative for me

3.Smoking was a much needed hug for me

4. Smoking was a pain reliever for me

5. Smoking was a filler of holes and hats for me

6. I could build an excuse for every celebration and situation to justify smoking

7. Smoking was a must for every celebration and every defeat 




1. I go to the Throne instead of the phone with a smoke

2. Music and art are my sedatives of choice

3. My family/friends are the givers and receivers of hugs now


For 4-5-6-7 I repeat 1-2-3

I am grateful to have found better ground to plant my sorrows and healthier ways to rejoice in the celebrations

Thats how I do it


Or you can continue to smoke and be deceived.......






My Excuse , I dare YOU to read it

Is only as good as the ground its planted in


Currently ~The Negative :


Struggling with a personal health issue

My Dog Died few weeks ago and still not over it

My Best Friend died 2 years ago and I still mourn her loss

I have one Adult son who has no time for me

My Husband ( retired) works to many hours

My Mother favors her sons over me

My Bio Dad died


The Positive:

 My health issue will resolve

We still have Nico, Merlin lived extra long for his breed

I rest knowing the friend I lost is with God and am blessed I got to know her

My other Adult son is very good to me

My Husband is loving and kind to me

My Mother is a result of how hurting people hurt people, so I can forgive her

I have a Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally. 


Do you get it?


Smokiing won't make any difference. It is what t is.


Get the hell over it.


Just sayin





Some folks do for many reasons


*They feel they can handle it on their own

*They are afraid they will fail and don't want to alert anyone if they do

* They don't understand the addiction of Nicotine and how they travel in 'PACKS'


This is a few reasons I can think of off hand that I used to relate to.

Theres nothing to be ashamed of to ask for help.

The sooner you do~the sooner you can begin to heal


Which brings to mind this as well........


Have a great weekend. I need to be away from Ex for the next few days but rest assured, I will be back to continue to help encourage others as well as protect my own quit. ~Missy





Posted by Mandolinrain May 31, 2019

So you're really thinking about giving in to the desire to smoke?

Theres your sign

The very instant you consider to 'light up' is the moment to look at your tracks.

1. Where are you?

2. Whats your mood?

3. Who are you with and what are you doing or what are you about to do.

4. Will lighting up make the situation better once you snuff it out?


Consider these. Please. Re-think the smoke. Be aware of the present, because once you act on your choice ,you either beat it or it beat you....again.


If you want to quit smoking you have quit doing what you have always done. You must pre-determine exactly what you will do in the face of the above 1-2-3-4.


Don't overthink/over dissect it

Just do it

Make a plan and disciple yourself to stick to it


Someone needs to be good to you for a about you start with Yourself