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Freedom Isn't Free

Posted by Mandolinrain May 24, 2019


God Bless our country~Our service men and women who have served~Those who are currently serving and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.....

May we ALL remember

And Never Forget

~Freedom isn't Free~


Have a great weekend~Make good choices~ Have fun and Don't Smoke!


Quit Token Shout Out

Posted by Mandolinrain May 23, 2019

As a way of giving back to a community that has given so much to me and many others, I offer ~ for free...a quit token to anyone who has one year or more on this site. I don't want anything in return except YOU to remain quit.


I do have a waiting list for members who have not yet reached their year but who would like to have one. If you want your name added to this list let me know.


If you have a year or more already and would like one, I need a mailing address from you. You can send it via private message and I promise NOT to share your personal information at anytime without your permission.


The tokens vary but they are made from Vintage Silver-plate Silverware. No two are alike They only require a soft cloth cleaning with silver cleaning polish of your choice. I will continue to make these so long as supplies last. As of today I have sent out over 40 of far as Africa in fact!


Tomorrow I have half a dozen that will be sent out. They are hand engraved with the individuals quit date and their name they go by on this site. I also send to you by private message , in most cases, a USPS tracking number.


So anyway, message me if you're interested, meanwhile, I am headed to bed. In need of zzzzzzzz's







Posted by Mandolinrain May 14, 2019

We take them everyday. Everyday we are proactive with our quit...we step up. Each step leads to greater heights. 


Sometimes we stop at a landing. They are there to remind us and provide us rest. Each step has its measured way to provide growth to our journey....each provides a landing on which too rest and evaluate our position.


Take time to watch your steps each day. Be mindful of where you came from, how far you've gone and what you will sacrifice if you turn back.

Be mindful of the journey ahead and expect good....don't ask for trouble or fret on it...that of which may never happen, its time wasted.


Rather, reach for and expect and hope for the good. Let that be your focus. Today you are not smoking. THAT is a daily step you take. I will take your hand and take it with you. Lets go....


Success with a plan.

Posted by Mandolinrain May 4, 2019

I was supposed to have grandkids but woke up sick....again. Sore throat, ear ache..and trip to walk in clinic another round of Z-Pac. I swear, hubby and I are just passing it back and forth and between all the kiddos. Im okay though and I recall when I used to smoke even when I was sick, blah!


I have been thinking about success in regards to smoking. Back in the day when I was going through a lot of quits, I recall making my quit fit around everything going on in my life and I had a duffle bag full of excuses, but one that was pretty prominent in my story was people pleasing. and theres a HUGE variety of ways to do this. I am often still guilty of this.


I needed everyone to be happy around me even though I was going through Hell quitting. I figured I was the one that had to make sure nobody was suffering because I was quitting. That nearly drove me insane....and them too I imagine....Its also a recipe for resentment.


So just a tip, for the new quit....Don't worry when the next meal needs cooked, the next load laundry needs done or ironed, the lawn needs mowed, Sally needs her lunch packed....Let Sally pac her own lunch. So what. People will still be there the next day when you wake up. Somehow they find a way to take care of themselves ( and Im not talking about ditching /neglecting responsibilities to parenting...).


 You're a new person who has Quit Smoking...., how about you take care of you now. What things do YOU need to be happy and enjoy your day. Nows as good of time as any to begin searching for what please you or what goals now you will start to obtain.


The is  NEW CHAPTER in your life. It is a good time to busy living or get busy dying. Since you quit smoking, I assume you're ready to Live. So get 'er done. Make your bucket list, quit wasting time on what others think and treat yourself to life. Smoking already stole a lot from you, don't allow its after effects to take anymore.


Guess what...tomorrows coming no matter what, look forward to how you're kicking nicotines butt today and NOTHING AND NOBODY will stop you from doing it tomorrow too.