Pull up

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 20, 2019

When airplanes get into flight patterns that create danger, sometimes they are advised to 'pull up'. Right now thats how I feel. I am pulling up..


I have been foreseeing turbulence and have been going through turbulence recently at home that I have felt the need to 'pull up' , danger signs, warning signs, warning bells  coming from all directions.  Pull up.


When I was still smoking , this would have been a real need for me to smoke. I would abort to the nearest exit and smoke. Escape. I was fooled though. When I would return from smoking, the 'turbulence' was still there and still needed dealt with.


Today, I recognize the signs. Because I like to write, I see it in my own blogs, my responses to other bloggers, it all becomes clear when I look hard enough. Sometimes I am my worst enemy. Trying to make my point and overthinking things....but not just that...I also see how I have so much going on in my life and trying to please so many people here at home right now, I am physically and emotionally 'spent'. I need a break. I need to pull-up  and start refocusing on my own needs.

New quitters are much in need of 'Pulling Up'. New quitters are often sidetracked at worrying about what everyone else thinks of their quit and their quit needs. New quitters are often trying so hard to protect everyone around them that they often forget to protect their quit-there own needs are set aside to make everyone else around them 'comfortable' as they struggle to make a day, a one 24 hour period , 'smoke free'.

So I throw this out to you all today. Wherever you are in your quit, days, weeks, months, years....PULL UP. 


Least you crash and burn......Who will PULL UP with me tonight????


And for those who have been noticing my descent and lack of peace ( because if I can feel and see it, I know you have) I apologize. I recognize it now...and I am Pulling up.

Happy Easter a day early.