39 years

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 22, 2019

I'm sorry I have been away....we have had a lot of things going on and company right now,,,,,but I had to stop by to let you know my sweetheart and I are celebrating 39 years of marriage today


Everyone said it would never last. Pete and I only dated 3 months prior to ( and no , I was not pregnant). We just knew.

 Anyway...I am also excited that he is joining me to come to EX 7 

( my first Ex reunion ) and we cannot wait to meet all those coming.

Pete had been my Strongman and advocate in my Quit Journey. The funny thing is, he smoked when we met and I was not a smoker then...I became one, yet he quit long before I did, in 2014.


Anyway ,due to company right now, I'm not going to be online much for another week. Petes Mom and my Mom both having health issues we are busy handling  as well as our elderly Merlin ( Italian Mastiff) needing to be put down soon. So I will get here when I can after all of this. 

Giulia will update ,for me as needed right now, as I have a full plate, but please KNOW I AM WELL and I DO say prayers for ALL OF YOU EVERY NIGHT~

Love to all~Missy


PS...The rose pic above is a 'Miranda Lambert' rose that I highly recommend if you a gardener