Slow down....I slipped...and it was not on ice

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Feb 12, 2019

I may be out of the tundra escaping bad weather by being on vacation, but this morning as we decided to take the steps instead of the elevator.....I lost my balance and fell. Nothing broken but my ego. Can’t even blame my MS for this fall. I was simply going to fast and the steps were wet.  

Word: Slow down

So no.....I did NOT smoke but I think I may have gotten some folks attention.

lifes gonna happen anyway so don’t be in such a rush. Take time to look ahead and see what’s in front of you before you step out. 

Are you going to be in an environment where there might be an urge to smoke ? Slow down . Prepare ahead of time.

What can you do to change it. Don’t rush into anything that may challenge your quit without being prepared for it.


smoking or not smoking is most certainly YOUR choice and the more you take the time to slow down and prepare for the obstacials in life that will surely come, the choices will become much more clearer and present less of a challenge.


As far as wet at a time , slower pace was my lesson today. I saw it coming but didn’t slow down. So gonna go fill up another ice bag and chill awhile. Miss you all and will be back regularly next week!