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You can say NO to anything if you know what the consequences will be if you don't.


1. You have to be willing to suffer for awhile

2. You smoke with INTENTIONS-so be aware your your intentions



Stop and Pause

T - Take a breath mindfully

O -Observe and see what you are thinking about, acknowledge your sensations

P -Proceed with awareness and kindness to yourself and others



Just my thoughts for the day






Home safe and sound . Won't forget that vacation for awhile but we still had a great time. Still have some fuzzy vision out of that eye but no more double vision. So still won't be online much till that's all resolved, but had to stop by quickly to tell ALL OF YOU, how much I appreciated the prayers and thoughtful comments to elvan post. You are all so incredible and wonderful to me.


I will be posting more as vision continues to improve. Now the colors are really 'popping' on my eye, although the brunt of the hit was above my eyebrow....the lid has the most color, which is normal. The yellow green colors are coming out more...I tried to cover it with makeup and that was a mistake. It hurt more taking it off. No more of that.

I feel worse for the looks people give my hubby....honestly....we were in line recently at the Ringling Museum and this lady turns around and just started me down for what seemed like FOREVER. I smiled at her and WANTED TO SAY "Really?...You should see the other person". But I didn't and she stopped staring, lol.


Anyway, all is well. We are fine. I just feel like a klutz. Better days ahead and I am NOT smoking over it Life goes on...

xoxolove to all~Missy


I wish I could mention all of you but I can barley see this without seeing double, so keeping this brief. We head home tomorrow and I already have an appointment scheduled for recheck on this eye thing. I am fine though really.


just wanted to say thank you for the ongoing prayers and love sent my way. This EX Family is amazing. My husband is sure Impressed with you all.


Next week I hope things are a bit better with vision and can type and read better. Meanwhile , much love and gratitude to you all and to Ellen for getting the prayer ball rolling. Prayer works. Thanks everyone..xoxo

Its getting more colorful everyday...worst is the double vision. No fracture but have to have repeat CT scan when we get home. Also I won’t be typing or replying much till I cnn see better. Xoxo

I may be out of the tundra escaping bad weather by being on vacation, but this morning as we decided to take the steps instead of the elevator.....I lost my balance and fell. Nothing broken but my ego. Can’t even blame my MS for this fall. I was simply going to fast and the steps were wet.  

Word: Slow down

So no.....I did NOT smoke but I think I may have gotten some folks attention.

lifes gonna happen anyway so don’t be in such a rush. Take time to look ahead and see what’s in front of you before you step out. 

Are you going to be in an environment where there might be an urge to smoke ? Slow down . Prepare ahead of time.

What can you do to change it. Don’t rush into anything that may challenge your quit without being prepared for it.


smoking or not smoking is most certainly YOUR choice and the more you take the time to slow down and prepare for the obstacials in life that will surely come, the choices will become much more clearer and present less of a challenge.


As far as wet at a time , slower pace was my lesson today. I saw it coming but didn’t slow down. So gonna go fill up another ice bag and chill awhile. Miss you all and will be back regularly next week!

We are having a wonderful time and much needed vacation. Weather is absolutely perfect. Pete took off this evening to go enjoy sprint car races with the guys tonight and I decided to stay put and enjoy the sounds of the waves breaking outside and stop in and say hello to all of you. I may not be on much till we return, but your all close to my heart and mind everyday. That, and I am wallowing in Aloe because of. A pretty bad sunburn....and no, I doubt I’ll never learn.....I did finally get some 50 sunscreen today...after the fact, ugh,


Thanks, by the way jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 for the sweet post in regards to missing Sherry and me, that’s was very kind. I hope Sherry Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 comes back sooner than later. Maybe she’s gonna work on that book I told her she should write? Wow talk about someone who seriously made an impression for my heart and the hearts of many of us here at Ex.


So anyway, just a note to say hello. I think I will go for a beach walk and watch the sunset. Meanwhile here’s a pic I took thru our screened in lanai last evening. Love and miss you all.


PS -

Thought for the day : Be kind to everyone because you never know who’s eyes Gods using today to look through....and taste your words before you spit them out. ( My Nana used to say these quotes, ...she was very much loved and full of much wisdom, her words were few but they were always said in love-patience and truth)


Now here’s that sunset I promised




Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 1, 2019

Am going to be away for awhile on vacation. Will stop in when I can off and on..


Meanwhile be good to yourself; and know you are all ALWAYS  in my prayers.

Keep it simple.


N.O.P.E. ~Missy -xoxo