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Your thoughts can consume you if you allow them too.

Your decisions~plans~can all be evicted by just one thought.


Fumbling through your day~making matters worse by concentrating on where your mind is trying to take you.  Be aware of rambling thoughts.


Pondering over circumstances from past to present may lead you to indulge

in behaviors you're working hard to avoid. Consider those.


Just  a thought before I turn in tonight.


By hidden mind upon  where i go

i know not where it takes me so

From valleys deep of where I strayed

Impressed my heart and there stayed


I wondered  forth paths unknown 

Sowing seed that yet have grown

So I tarry and hold on tight

Tis this my glory ?….Yes, my  fight


I rise high ~ my journey slow

I fight hard ~ for worth I know

I hold tight~to those whom share

I end my day with them in my prayer


So follow on ~Your journeys own

No matter how the seed was sown

We’ll nurture it as if our own

The bounty worth it…so lets go home





Encouraging Words

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 25, 2019

So you ask....whats that got to do with 'encouraging Words' Hold on.....


I'll tell's coming...


Not Yet......



Last one....



I think these are ALL encouraging Words. So many people on Ex fighting so many battles we know little about aside from their fight to be nicotine free.


When you can't fight for yourself to quit~ come to EX...we will Solider up and be an Army in your quit. If your battleground goes beyond what we can do for you....

realize YOU have the power to make choices in any circumstance.....from well meaning friends to negative rubbish....We've got your back.



Then come back here and encourage someones else.

Why you ask???


To nourish your own quit and help someone  else





......and two hours later and several trips to garage to find the right tools, hubby and I assembled a new crib we bought today. We have twin grand-daughters and we had one crib and decided to go get another one because they are staying here more often. In fact we have them the next couple days so wanted to make them more comfy......made me think...


2 HOURS!!!!! We had all the directions and they looked easy enough, but no. You have these little round metal things you have to stick under the rail and then a threaded screw goes into the other section and they have to meet just right....UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had it all together then noticed the stickers were backwards, so we basically assembled it backwards! We were getting pretty frustrated but thankfully we ended up laughing when it was all done.


Quits can be like this. We get all the information and think we know everything then start the process and think WHAT THE HECK???? Geese. Folks we all gotta work on patience and slow down and step back and consider its not gonna happen overnight.....well the crib perhaps, but not your quit.  Its funny Sootie made a perfect blog about this tonight as I came on to share this ...and saw her blog....but decided to go ahead and write this anyway. Her blog covers it all very well. Please read it.


Anyway, don't feel alone if your struggling ....think of it as cleaning your house ( your body), your detoxing chemicals that you have been putting into you for who knows how long....along with all the habitual scenarios that tugged at you to 'light up'. Your now re-training your brain....making new habits...perhaps your ASSEMBLING will need some readjustment and take longer than you hoped....but hang in there...

Rome wasn't built over night...neither is your quit.


Crib assembly may also fall into this category.

Mom, how do I walk in that, I gotta pee!!!!


 Does that help ?


Dad loves having and Excuse to ride the John Deere. We got over a foot of snow and much much more in other areas due to drifting.


Last night when the winds were howling and we were tucked inside safe and sound...I was wondering how many people were stuck home without their 

cigarettes because they could not get out to travel? I recall it was a HORRIBLE feeling to be stuck somewhere and had no way to go buy cigarettes.


And the monster it turned me into when I was without them??? That monster has not been fed for Aloooonnnngggg time, and we will keep it that way. I am betting there will be a 'Monster Bash' at the stores today....smokers stocking up and lighting up as soon as roads are cleared.




One thing for sure.... I won't be among them



One amazing Elder in my book ~ Who is a constant driving force on this site and in our hearts!!!!


Much love to you from ALL of us.


....And I am celebrating  1600 days today which is even more special because I get to celebrate that with our Ellen


I AM SO SORRY---YIKES..... neglected to mention jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 with HIs amazing 4400 Days of freedom yesterday. You know we all love you and are so grateful your here for ALL of us. The wisdom and support you bring to Ex is amazing!




I recently came across this old Native story and thought how well this applies to so many areas of life. I felt you may all enjoy this.




An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life:

“A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.

”It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil–he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”

He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you–and inside every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather:

“Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied,

“The one you feed.”

And thats all I got to say about that. Goodnight


Have you? Hard telling what it will bring. 


Are you one of those that wait until the last minute to fasten down the hatches?,.....or are you one to be prepared because you know the danger and damage a bad storm can cause.


Much like a bad crave. Are you ready?

I am. We are.

No snows gonna do me in ( we actually have a winter storm warning in effect right now)....and because I always have a quit kit to turn too, 'Life Storms' won't cause me to retreat back to Day One.


So again....I ask you " Have you prepped for the storms"?


You can be sure of this much, they will come.


Be Prepared. 

And thats all I got to say about that

Many Congrats to you Barb102, your determination has paid off! Congrats! to 365 DAYS OF FREEDOM!


We have all been there at one time or another in our life. We 'Let go' of a relationship that was not productive in our life.

Sometimes others around us could see it but at first...we couldn't. Even those we loved the most could see the damage it was causing us yet we continued to stay in the toxic relationship until finally...something just 'snapped or clicked' for us. What makes me snap may not make you snap....and I need to consider that more often...perhaps we all do.


When I made my first attempts to quit smoking I didn't listen to anyone around me. I thought I was in LOVE with the smoking and while it was very clear to those around me that I was in fact being led on or 'deceived', if you will, I guess I knew in the back of my mind somewhere they were right. I just was not truly ready to let go. In all actuality...I was not prepared. Period. I was foolishly thinking I could leave it anytime I wanted.


The thoughts then grew into thoughts of " I just can't let go~I can never live without them'. I was successful to block out any arguments as to why I COULD let go, and now as I think back, it was pure denial on my part.

Yet I had to go through that as well. It was for me, perhaps part of the walk on my quit journey, that I HAD to go through to get to the understanding I have now. 


While I have always understood we all have our own path to make it through the breakup stage, it has become even clearer to me that as much as I want someone to 'get it and/or get over it', it may not be their time yet...perhaps they have things they yet need to go through.


So again.... I look back over many posts from many people from many people and I see it. Crystal clear. Why was I so stubborn to think someone else can 'get it ' like I 'get it' right now? it's all going to happen for them on their time. Meanwhile I feel perhaps I may need to eat more humble pie and be patient. All good things are worth waiting for and EVERYONE who comes to this site is worth the wait. Oh the lessons I learn here, so are my teachers, all of you.


So See....I am still a work in progress.

We all are and I hope we always will be

Have a beautiful Hump day 

It didn’t stop the day I became one...I continue to learn from them not only how to stay quit but how to help others on this site.

When I started on this site I had so many.....SEVERAL failed quits, that I shamefully just threw in the towel and decided I could never do this. 


I had had a few Elders who are still active in This site release some tuff love on me and I took that personally. I recall thinking, wow....they hate me. But the truth really was ...they cared. I hated me.


I didn't feel cared for and others were fighting in this site so I left. I can’t recall for how long , but I came back after I had  substantial time actually successful, with my quit. During the time away, I did find that everything the Elders were trying desperately for me to understand was EXACTLY what I finally applied and worked...thus my final quit finally happened.


 The same Elders were here and those who were truly causing trouble were gone so I stayed. I am so glad I did. 


The only way I know how to help others is how I was helped. Folks  who had made such an impression on me I still hold in high regards....Dale, Giulia,Ellen, Sootie, Nancy, Skygirl, Michwoman , Indingrl Stac2.....and JenniferQuit and Jackie.....there’s so many and some who are so close to my own year....I am here today because they cared enough to be here for me and not mince words but to be Rock solid examples....and in fact they still are and I STILL LEARN FROM THEM! One thing for sure, they will ALWAYS be ahead of me so I ALWAYS have an ear to learn from them.

Gosh I have loads of respect for them and so MANY others I didn’t even name. If Your an Elder here and I left your name out, please forgive me. You have ALL been my teachers and I admire and respect you all. I should also say, the New folks coming in I learn things from as well....but truth be really comes down to my choices. I cant rely on my feelings because they are forever choices are easier to understand and apply due to the knowledge I gained by listening to my Elders and putting it to action.


At times I am sure they scratch their heads and wonder where I come from but they know the direction I am going in and that’s to grow and they know this because they have been there before me.....they have gone through the same things already at one time or another.


I am babysitting these two sleeping twins sweethearts right now so I need to go but I want the new folks to know this.........Those Elders on here are not here to hurt anyone and sometimes they may come off sounding ‘uncaring ‘ but I can assure you we are not.  We give out time here to help and had they not done that for me I am sure I would not be here for you. I may not have liked what they had to say but I needed to hear it and the seed was planted. I learned rather late to take what I need and leave the rest. I have found I usually come back for 'the rest' because although perhaps I didn't  know it then...I am finding more and more that I need it now....all of it.


For those who are struggling please allow seeds to be sown and allow them to sprout. Beautiful gardens bloom with care so you have to do your part too. It was when I began to do my what was suggested...I finally made it through.


xoxo my sweet babies are waking have a blessed day......


Quit Token call

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 11, 2019

Calling out for anyone who has not yet received a 'QUIT TOKEN'.


The only requirement is that you must be have one year in Quit. ( I can add you to a list though for when you reach your year. Many have already)

Theres no charge to you. I will make and send them as long as my supplies last.


They are made from Vintage Silver-plate Silverware. Guys get a keychain and gals get a necklace. Sometimes if I have enough the gals also get a keychain  ( Sorry dudes).


I just started doing this, this past year and to date...I have sent out over 30 Tokens....even as far as Africa!!! 


I also keep track of anyone who wants one when they reach their please let me know so I can add you to my calendar and you will get it then , Meanwhile here is a pic of mine.

I engrave your Ex name and Quit date on them. 




Another option I recently thought of is that if you have a piece of vintage silverware thats perhaps meaningful ( perhaps it has been in your family )....I could make it into a token for you. It's up to you. Currently I have loads of Vintage silverware.


This is my way to give back to a community that just keeps giving and is special to my heart. 


So there ya have it! I just need an address to mail it to and you can message me if your interested  I will try to call out to make people aware monthly...if me brain remembers, her-hee-hee

Have a lovely weekend~Missy

Well it didn't happen overnight....I saw the signs...but low and happened. I knew it would....little things started popping up..


It was a fine sunny brisk day here in Ohio. We had returned our eldest grandson back home after enjoying the past 2 days with him and I decided to go out to my 'She Shed' and perhaps shape things up inside. But I was too late......


At some point in time a large metal plow blade made a home inside and nested directly in my path to the area I wanted to access. Then in another corner I notice some coils of heavy garden hoses thrown over top of my delicate garden accessories. Still trying to navigate into the She shed I come across not one, not 2 but, geese ( No, not a goose )....several unknown objects....( that belong in He Shed ) making it more and more difficult for me to maintain any order in my SHE SHED!


Well how about that! Sorta sounds like a weak attempt at a quit. Sure has enough in common with it. Set up for failure.

I saw the signs early on and should have addressed them then BUT it all snuck up so fast....poor excuse. BUT it was just one thing ( yet another poor excuse because we all know one thing leads to make room for another...Hummmmm , I believe we call those EXCUSES)




She Sheds and He Sheds and Quits all need protected to remain as they are called.

My She Shed may need to wait till Spring to restore it back to its intended purpose but my Quit will always to on a 24/7 watch.


When little things that life brings begin to start 'POPPING UP' good or bad

Be Aware

That's an indication of a good quit at risk

And in my case today

A She Shed slowly turning into a He Shed.


And thats all I've got to say about that








Food for thought....

Maybe you need to mix it something different.

Change the process. Lean on /ask for help....What ever you decide.... be careful you are not setting yourself up to fail.

There was no plan that would  work 100% for me unless I put 100% into it. This applies to pretty much anything I do anymore. This is me. The more effort I apply to the things I want to accomplish, the better the outcome.  Half hearted attempts never pan out for me.


The things I wanted the most I worked hard for and I did endure tribulations as I worked for them. The things that came easy for me required little effort on my part.


Quitting smoking was one of THE hardest things I worked hard for .


Smoking may have given me a few moments of 'instant gratification', but it left me feeling pitiful. 


I choose to feel powerful over pitiful any day. You can to.


It all comes down to this.

One choice

So what will it be?

Thats it in a Nutshell





Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 2, 2019


Congrats to jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007


and 12 years quit!!!

Your amazing and I love you to pieces! Thanks so much for everything you do on this site to help so were a huge influence for my quit!


xoxoxo   Missy