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Stinky Smokes

Posted by Mandolinrain Dec 31, 2018

Went with a friend this morning to go buy a canary ( bird). Arrived at the house and was led into this very small room with several cages staked onto of each other and a large office desk with an ashtray filled with butts.


The room REAKED of cigarettes. I could not stand it and I felt bad for the birds. HOW HORRIBLE IT HAS TO BE FOR THEM! The fellow walked in the room and lit up a cigarette. Thats when I walked out.


I was so sick of the smell it left on my own clothes and hair on the 45 minute ride home I could not wait to come home and shower.


My friend and I actually argued about it on the way home. I would NEVER buy a bird from a person like that. The room was SO dirty and bird feces were all over. He even said he had been treating a bird that was brought in with Mites. My friend has other hook billed birds. I would not expose her birds to this one, but whatever. Not my problem.


I never want to smell like that again and I am ashamed to say I am certain I DID smell like that for the 30plus years I did smoke. Yuk! I never noticed it till I quit.


If you are a smoker.....just an stink, no amount of perfume will take it away.



* Clean out every drawer/cupboard in kitchen-( empty it out-wash it out-reline with new shelf paper. Take unwanted items to goodwill.

*Repeat the above by going room to room in the house.

*Now head to the garages and do the same.

* Now the barn and sheds

*Weed wack pasture lines


*Go through family pictures and organize them

*Make albums for the boys 

*Transplant things and weed gardens 

* Practice Mandolin

*Go for power walk


*Go to EX and blog-whine-complain-cry-read others blogs

*Call my quit partner- Melinda

* Muck Stalls...Go exercise one of the 4 legged creatures 

* Go visit Mom or MIL

*Start new art project...or learn one

* Find an ole piece of furniture to refinish then donate it to someone or keep


* Go volunteer a extra day

*Make Hubby something special for dinner

*Reorganize hubby closet

* Go to a Jam session

*Go get grandson and play

*Do some creative writing


*Bible study

*call friends/ go junking...or just go junking or just hang with friends

* Bake something new and healthy

*Drink water....ALL DAY

*Watch old movie/ eat popcorn

*Jump on mini tramp


*re -read blogs on Ex

*Re-read Carrs book

*Iron clothes

*Repaint a room

*Re-decorate a room

*Knit or sew something

*Write letters

*Work on weekly menu and grocery list-cut coupons



Did I mention I prayed a lot?


I wrote this post awhile back and seeing how many are new and struggling, I thought it might be worth a re-post. Hope it helps someone.



And thats when I made a choice...and smoked

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Oct 13, 2018

I made a great dinner, house is perfectly clean, all chores done and even mowed the yard…then Hubby comes home late, dinner is cold…its dark out so he can’t tell I mowed for him, He’s tired and so he can’t notice how great the house looks….so I made a choice and smoked


The dog decided to urinate on the new carpet…And thats when I made a choice to smoke


My Dad Died…I made a choice to smoke


We are going out to dinner, I feel fat and nothing looks right on me….so I made a choice and smoked.


My kids are acting like kids and my patience is running out, so I made a choice to smoke.


I have just finished a nice long walk and then worked out…and thats when I made a choice to smoke


Darn telemarketers, I made a choice and smoked.


Are you kidding me, the kids forgot to latch the pasture gate, now the horses are loose …again! Better smoke.


I can’t find my cell phone. …so I made a choice and smoked.


I just banged my elbow on the door that I neglected to close, so I made a choice and smoked


Ahhh a glass of Vino, and I made a choice to smoke


I need to relax, so I made a choice to smoke


I have important decisions to make, so I made a choice to smoke


I am on the phone for Petes sake, so I made a choice to smoke.


I am in between chores, so I made a choice to smoke.


I am sick with a horrible head cold, so I made a choice to smoke ( wow-really)???


I am happy-Sad-Frustrated-Worried-impatient-Concerned-Tired-Elated-hungry-thirsty-Angry-and a hot mess of many many emotions….and at one time in my life, I MADE A CHOICE AND SMOKED OVER EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. 


Its freezing outside, so I made a choice and went out and smoked


I made a choice and an Excuse


I am still all of those things somedays. But now I make different choices....

I Choose not to smoke over anything anymore. No more Excuses, ( like Tony Horton says), lol.


Smoking only enhanced everything above. It didn’t bring my Dad back, or fixe a bad situation, it didn’t help me get over a head cold or make any decisions for me any easier. It didn’t round up the horses for me, it just made them get further from me catching them. It never relaxed me…the situation was always still there when I put out the cigarette.


Only you have the power to make a choice

   choose wisely


Tell yourself and others "I don't do that anymore"



Happy New Year...Almost





Wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and share 2 beautiful Netflix shows I recently watched that hold the Spirit of Christmas within them IMO.


1. Gods not dead


2.Music in the Silence


I don't think they will disappoint.


Love you all, be safe and be blessed



Update on our Ellen

Posted by Mandolinrain Dec 23, 2018

This is the text she just sent to me:


I am really trying to get better & get back there. I got so sick & l am just beginning to think l am going to make it. My breathing has been pure torture & is just now letting up. I am supposed to either go back to the doctor or go to urgent care if l am not “significantly” better by tomorrow. My fever is down, my chest hurts like crazy, BUT my oxygen sats are really good & my chest sounds clear so l am probably “significantly” better. I am sorry to worry people, it has just been something of a perfect storm. First, the computer mousepad was not working & then the modem broke & then this illness hit...all while l am trying SO HARD to feel Christmas.


Prayers continue for our Ellen

We talk about COPD on this site a lot but I have never seen anyone cover the topic of GERD, also known as Gastoesophageal Reflux Disorder. I am here to tell you it is real and it affects thousands of people and can also be greatly prevented by NOT SMOKING. The bad news is.......

GERD IS A PERCURSOR TO CANCER. It is not cancer but left untreated it may develop into cancer and smokers are at a higher risk.

 So you ask...What is GERD? In short it is stomach acid traveling backwards into your esophagus. The continuous pattern of this event cause many symptoms along with damage.

Studies have now linked GERD to Smokers. Smokers are more likely to have complications with GERD than the average person who does not smoke.

Following is a short list of how SMOKING can cause GERD


1.  Smoking relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter ( LES ) a muscular valve that located between your esophagus and stomach that prevents stomach acid and stomach contents from coming back up into your esophagus.


2.  Smoking REDUCES your ability to produce saliva which is necessary to 

help neutralize stomach acids ,not to mention protect your gums and teeth.


3.  Smoking increases Acid production in your stomach


4.  Smoking Interferes with the esophagus ability to relax therefore damage to the esophagus lining ( abnormal cells ) can begin to develop over time. These cells can turn into precancerous cells known as Barrettes Esophagus. Left untreated and even treated....can turn into Cancer of the Esophagus. ( JonesCarpeDiem can enlighten you on this better than I can ).



1.  Awoke from deep sleep to acid coming up and had to vomit without warning.

2.  Inability to swallow some foods or food getting 'stuck' often.

3.  Not able to lay flat in bed at night. Used several pillows and had to raise head of bed.

4. Teeth were loosing enamel.

5. lack of sleep/quality = low energy

6. Unable to eat normal meals and many foods

7. Towards end I would vomit without warning during the day.

8. Weight loss 

9. Horrible pressure in center of chest...that got worse. Mimics heart attack.

10. Impaired breathing. Often misdiagnosed as Asthma, which I was


This was all the beginning. I have dealt with this for over 12 years. I got to the point that medication no longer provided any relief. Through all the fun tests I had to go through ( I am exaggerating of course) Ph testing, manometry , scopes....yada yada yada....The Docs came to the conclusion I also had developed a Hiatal Hernia ( 90% of my stomach had budged through my diaphragm). The Hernia was graded at HILLS GRADE 4 and I had developed LA GRADE C Esophagitis. Surgery was my option Nissen or LINX. Apparently Hiatal Hernias are very common with GERD. Maybe someone else can tell us why?

Long story short, there are a couple surgeries for this and I elected the LINX procedure because it seemed less invasive .They were able to repair the hernia at the same time. This was 5 days ago and other than localized pain and I tire easily.....I am am doing great.



Just another reason NOT to smoke and what smoking gives back to you...








( Don't say you weren't warned )






Theres a song that says that 'BLUES NOT MY COLOR...)' although its meaning is different than mine...


Sometimes in life what we actually SEE with our eyes is quite the opposite of whats going on with our mind, our thoughts  and/or our actions. Seeing most recent development, caused much undo stress over the weekend for me. I'll get back to that.....


When we initially stop smoking , although we are teaching our minds to ignore the thoughts to dive in and smoke at the hint of a desirable incident....we don't often SEE the incident as Undesirable. This takes time and practice and WILLPOWER.


Walk through it. Ahead of the action to 'light up'. Look closely at what is causing the trigger right at that very second.  What do you SEE around you that could be causing your weakness to smoke emerge? What do you FEEL around you? What do you THINK of whats happening around you. WHAT EXACTLY can YOU control about any of it.


All of those play into the action of your choice to smoke or pass it up. You will have to discern each and every crave in the beginning, EVEN IF THEY COME BACK TO BACK.




The MORE TIME YOU TAKE BREAKING EACH CRAVE DOWN AS THEY CREEP IN....the faster you will not feel the need to subject yourself to them. It will, I promise, become an instant knee-jerk reality for you to run the other way and NOT fall into 'Stinkin Thinking's lie. Thats because you are now training your brain to stop and think instead of react to every little emotion in you that wants a puff...RIGHT NOW!!!


SO Back to Blue.....


Most of you know i had surgery this past Friday. I noticed my hands and neck area started to turn blue and I was very concerned. I didn't feel cold. it was very obvious something was 'not right', to both my husband and to me...and the pain was incredible. I had been applying 'Mineral Ice' all overly neck hourly to relieve the neck / shoulder pain thats common after they pump CO2 into you during surgery.


ICEY HOT IS BLUE.....DUH! ( Your allowed to laugh) I did.


So you see....I COULD SEE that blue skin and I thought the worst and jumped to reaction. 


As a smoker....I would SEE my friends smoking, a decision I had to make, an uncomfortable position I would be in, A relaxing position I would be in and I  USED TO JUMP at the opportunity to smoke.


Now I stand back and wait awhile and watch for the situations to evolve and am glad I did. I think the Doctors office would of had a big laugh had I called and bothered them about that over the weekend, especially me being a former Surgical Assistant, wow I would have been so embarrassed.







Sunsets come in many forms and colors and vary second to second. Last evening we had a beautiful sunset and I decided to snap away at it. It was ever changing much like our quits , I suspect.


We all have a different way to go about our journeys. We may tweak our quits, using suggestions from others quits, but realistically, they are ours to protect or abuse. no matter what we do or how we do it.


Like the winds above stir the clouds into formation that present to us some breathtaking views of the sunset....our choices stir our quits into formation everyday.  Like sunsets , quits are forever changing.


Its your job to make good choices so the changes bring about positive growth.

Heres the sunset we admired last night. 

Tomorrow is surgery day and of course I am anxious but I am also at peace because I know its going to improve the quality of my life just as quitting smoking has. I serve an Awesome God so I know everything will be just fine.

I'll see you all soon  N.O.P.E.







Get your Quit Token

Posted by Mandolinrain Dec 2, 2018

I will be out of commission for awhile after December 13th. So if you are getting ready to celebrate a year or more quit between now and Mid February PLEASE Private message me your home address IF you desire a quit token.

There is absolutely no charge to you. It is my way to give back to a community that has blessed me in so many ways.


The token is made from Vintage Silver-plate Silverware. It will have your username and quit date engraved on it. No two are alike. Men get keychains made from the same things.


Heres a pic of mine :

They say " ( Username ) Became and Ex ( and then their quit date )"


PS: I will try to post this monthly to let people know cause I know many do not come here daily.


This opportunity is good so long as supplies last





Smokers at wedding

Posted by Mandolinrain Dec 1, 2018

Just got home from a friends wedding a couple hours ago. Left early and noticed a lot of folks standing outside in the rain smoking. UGH! I recalled when I would have been doing the same thing.


I was SO HAPPY I had ZERO desire to smoke and smelling them and watching them stand there , all dressed up in the rain looked ridiculous!

Thats how I used to look.


Anyway, I came home changed into my comfy clothes and shoes and didn't need to shower cause I did not clothes did not stink and my hair did not stink.




 Buckeyes just scored....Refreshing  


Gotta run!!!