Surgery date finally set

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Oct 25, 2018

This has been a crazy medical year for me but FINALLY the surgery I need to have done has been approved by my insurance and the Date has been set.


Monday of next week I have to have yet another EGD done so I won't be around on the site that day. The surgery then to repair the paraesophgeal hernia and also do the LINX procedure is set for December 14th. They are still contemplating also removal of my thyroid at that time also. I am concerned thats too much at once, but they claim it is doable. Guess its not really up to me. I guess it beats going under the knife twice.


I'm off now to go volunteer at Hospice. Ya'all have a great day.


FYI....I am 100% certain my past smoking habit is directly related to this problem with my esophagus , the LES valve not working and GERD. I am fortunate that it is being caught BEFORE it turns ugly. So be forewarned.....anyone who is smoking is putting themselves at risk for this and this is NOT any fun to go through nor are all the Manometry tests I had to go through and PH testing etc... to qualify for this procedure.


Work your quits hard AND YOUR DETERMINATION HARDER!!!