Storms on the way

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 31, 2018

I can see it coming. The sky getting darker as I sit here typing. You can hear the low rumble far off in a distance. Even the stillness is beginning with the wildlife out in our woods as they hunker down waiting for it to pass.


My quit has been like that. Not so much now, but certainly at the beginning.


Hard days are surely going to address all of us at any given time in our life. As far as quitting goes though, we need to be prepared for the Storms.


The good news is, the storms WILL PASS. The sky will clear and the air will smell so fresh....thats you...stepping past the storm and making break for the sunshine, the cleaner air. Your senses coming alive and the gratification of knowing YOU did it. YOU waited the storm out and came out free on the other side.


Wherever you are in your quit journey.....know that the peace that comes after the storm is beautiful...and you will get to that point. I promise. As difficult as is is now...just think of it as your body fighting off the toxins and imagine yourself winning.


When you feel or see the signs of a Storm in your ( don't walk) for cover. Come to Ex. Come to your toolbox. We will protect you with all that we just have to trust us let us. We made it through because others here helped us. Now let us help you.


Have a beautiful smoke free day

Hey...the suns out!