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Food for thought

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 27, 2018


This conductor missed a person today on the train, soooooooo


I had to male it right and give her a special ride!



I just had to backtrack to get her and I know you all understand!

These milestones are very important!

YAY Lisa!!!!!


Special Note:

Please make sure you have registered with the Freedom Train so we never miss anyones Special Day. I will check again  to make sure I didn't mess up, which I most likely did, but I never want to forget anyone.


Heres a late night treat for the evening express just for 




Goodnight All

I know its sounds weird , but wow did I ever get a lot done today. Situated. We moved in the beginning of past October and things kinda got tossed anywhere because I got so busy with family. BUT felt so good to organize the mud room , laundry room and some of my studio which I THINK I have the day off from grandkids and will be able to get it done. I am falling behind for some spring orders, so I need to get the hammer down. PLUS I was able to get some seeds started today and some rooting things started. I used my SPRING BANNER because thats how I feel inside

AND...I got my hubby all to myself as we have both been in different directions since we moved in, so it seems. It felt good to be outside, the sun is now out and warmer temps finally on the way.


I am relieved I don't smoke anymore and I feel healthy and don't get that crappy bronchitis like I used too...and I SMOKED even then when I was sick is that???


EVERYONE on this site matters. I take in the good and leave behind the things that don't leave a good feeling in my heart....and move forward. I am 3 years and a half quit. I STILL have to watch my back, watch the 'Stinking Thinking', watch for emotions that can drive me crazy enough to think, 'well, maybe just one..." I know it is the addict in me but I am aware of it and always watchful.


I stay close to God and He gets a lot of my 'issues' turned over to Him daily. He does not mind one bit. Somedays are better than others and this happens to be one of them. I am very blessed and very grateful for you all and this site.

I am certain that if I was a smoker yet, my life would be a bag of nails...poking on me constantly and creating pain in areas I have healed and continue to heal.

I am happy to say today I am poke and smoke free




Real quick check in

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 20, 2018

Thanks so much to Jennifer-Quit-05-01-14 for running yesterdays train and congrats to everyone today who is celebrating milestones. Sorry, I only have a minute, literally. Moms progressed into Pneumonia  and its very hard for her because she's 88 and in poor health already. Ive just been trying to keep her comfortable and getting over crud myself. Waiting to find out if she going to be admitted today. Hospital has been very full.No beds were available. Anyway, just a hectic time right now, but no desire to smoke.


Miss everyone and hope to get back to normal routine soon. xoxoMissy


Re-Post Worth Reading

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 15, 2018

This is a post from an Elder a few years back. I always love this post (and the Elder who wrote it) and thought to bring it forward to share with the new people here on Ex. I think as time permits, I am going to share some of my favorite blogs other people have written that inspired me and helped me grow , learn and cherish my lovely quit.



What's in YOUR Tool Box?

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Oct 6, 2015

You know how we are always talking about having the "tools" to help us when we are quitting?  We talk about using our "tools" to make it through a craving.  We talk about using the "tools" we've been given to protect our Quit.  Let's talk about these tools.  

  It would be great if you could walk into a hardware store and say, "I'd like to buy some Quit Smoking tools, please."  You can't.  But if you's what you'd walk out of the store with:
  1)   Education:  This would be articles, books, websites where you can learn about nicotine addiction.  The tool of Education will be key in helping you learn that you CAN quit smoking and never smoke again.  You will use this tool before you quit to get yourself ready and keep using it after you quit to keep you strong.  This tool gives you knowledge and helps you benefit from the experience of others. Example: "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr and (my personal favorite) "Nicotine Addiction 101" on
  2)   Distractions:  You should have plenty of suggestions and ideas from other people here on EX about ways to distract yourself if you need ways to redirect your brain when you can't seem to stop thinking about smoking or when a craving hits you.  There are   two types of distractions:   Activities that will distract your hands/thoughts (examples: scrub your toilet, weed your garden, redo your nail polish, organize your tackle box, dance for an entire ABBA song, browse around on eBay, etc.) and   Flavors/tastes that will surprise (or shock!) your tastebuds and sense of smell (examples: a spoonful of peanut butter, a drop of Tabasco, a shake of cocoa powder, blue cheese crumbles, a squirt of pancake syrup, a whiff of curry powder, Fruit Loops one at a time, Red-Hot candies, etc.)  Make a physical list, written or typed, and keep it with you at all times.
  3)   Human Support:  Online (like EX) or in person (family, co-workers, friends) can be some of the best tools you have during the first few weeks of your Quit.  Obviously, it doesn't help to lean on someone who still smokes.  Never-Ever Smokers can't understand what you are going through, BUT they can be your biggest face-to-face cheerleaders.  Don't forget to educate Never-Evers before your Quit Date, using the  "Letter to My Loved Ones".  You can find this letter here on EX by doing a search for it.  Many quitters have said it made a world of difference in the way their friends and family were able to understand and support them.  EX is, of course, an invaluable support tool.  I don't think I need to elaborate on why EX is so amazing, do I?
  4)   Common Sense:  Your tool box should be chock full of common sense. Your common sense will tell you about things to do, things not to do, things that will help you, things that will hurt you, things to stay close to, things to stay away from.  This tool is different from the knowledge you got from Education (#1 above) because it requires you to be creative and think for yourself within the details of your own life.  It's that little angel/devil on your shoulder thing, right?  Oh, wait. That's called "Conscience".  Well, that's a good tool, too.  But be careful of Conscience because that can cause a very UNhelpful thing called "guilt", which has NO PLACE in the tool box.
  5)   A Bottle of Water and A Big Yellow Lemon in a Baggie:  Okay, okay, these both actually fall under Distractions (#2 above).  But they are SO basic (the water) and SO effective (the lemon) that I felt they deserved the separate category of "Honorable Mention Tools".  If you feel like you are losing control at any time during your Quit, take a big slug of water from the bottle.  It's easy, it's available and it takes no great thought.  Sometimes a few big swallows of water is all it takes to get you back on track.  Or...take a deep breath and bite into that lemon, peel and all.  It is not pleasurable.  But it is a Hall of Fame Crave Buster.  You will NOT want a cigarette after biting that lemon.  I promise.  (The baggie is so you can carry it with you.  I got some very odd looks when I took out my lemon and bit it in airports!   But...I don't smoke anymore, do I?)
  6)   Patience:  Quitting doesn't happen in a day or a week or even a few weeks.  As Youngatheart (Nancy) has said many times "Quitting is not an event; it's a journey.".  It doesn't happen all at once and the road can be rocky, at times.  Sometimes, all the best tools in your Tool Box aren't doing the trick.  That's when you need this tool : PATIENCE.  Thomas posted a blog about riding out cravings, experiencing the feelings, acknowledging the difficulty, not trying to fight it, and waiting for the urge to ebb away like a wave.  It was a brilliant blog; go read it.  Sometimes, you just have to be PATIENT.  And patience in action means this: When you think you can't stand it another minute?  Just wait a little longer.  It WILL pass.
  So, Quitters, go check your toolboxes!  Are you missing any of these tools?   And if you have counted "Willpower" as a tool, forget it.  Pitch it out.  It won't help you find a Fovever Quit and it's not a real tool at all!  Instead of "Willpower", use   Education.
  xxxooo,  Sky

Lifting up the families and loved ones who lost there loved one  in the school shooting that claimed 17 lives yesterday in Florida. Such tragedy. Prayers for all of the staff at the school and ALL of the students who will carry this memory with them forever.


Happy New You

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day


AND to all the new folks on the Site...Happy New You!


Theres so many New people and its wonderful to see! I have not had much time to be on computer so wanted to just say hello and welcome everyone thats new and to say hello to the regulars here on Ex.


This site is loaded with information on how to prepare to quit smoking and how to quit smoking. Makes no difference what tools you choose to use to quit because everyone has something that works better for them. While we may not all agree on how to quit and stay quit we all agree that quitting smoking was one of the best things we did for ourselves...and our hearts-lungs...well, everything really.


Many of us have health problems related to our past smoking and some of us have health issues not related to it at all.


Body image -Body weight and diet is another thing I see often with new quitters who are concerned about that when they quit. Personally I feel your going to see many changes that are actually good for you when you quit and the few negative ones such as weight gain. Don't stress it. Look at it as a challenge to prepare for the New Non Smoking You. 


Newbies, explore the site- keep an open mind - blog often -use this site on good and bad days-and feel free to ask any of us about any aspect of quitting . 


Anyway just wanted to pop in say hello and wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!







Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 11, 2018




Recipe for QUIT STICKS

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 10, 2018

Thought these may help someone? I actually did make some and they helped me. Still the Vicks Vapor Rub under my nose was the biggest crave buster for me....but these did also work when I didn't want to smell like a medicine cabinet.




In a 8 oz mason jar or flat bottomed little jar :


2 tsp.  Fractionated coconut oil

15 drops black pepper essential oil

15 drops of cinnamon essential oil

Stand as many toothpicks as you want ( I used a whole box) in the mixture, in the jar. Put lid on jar.


Allow a couple days for the picks to absorb the oils. Then use a stick BEFORE your craves start


The Quitting

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 5, 2018

Sounds like a scary title for a new movie release… it is scary, if you don't know what to do, your unprepared or don't have the gut fear of whats going to happen if you don’t quit.


What to tell the new people coming here??? I cant lie, it was not easy. I failed many times. Many times I thought I had a good hold on it and then some unpronounced event would make me choose to smoke.


Who was I kidding? Does any of that sound familiar to you?



 I had bad days and better days…I even had moments of extreme happiness, but I also had days I was dog tired, days I was madder than a pitt bull on steroids and days I was sure I was loosing my freakin’ mind. One cigarette holds over 1000 different chemicals…Formaldehyde ~used to preserve dead animals in biology classes and dead people in morgues. Lovely huh? Yes..its is one of the Horrible chemicals in that cigarette your smoking or thinking about smoking. Pleasant thought, huh. Forget the pictures of the black lungs….thats also horrible, yes…but now you can recall the first biology class and that smell as you entered class and that beacon with the frog floating in it? Getting the picture? That picture helped make the decision for me EAISER to quit. But the truth is quitting is not easy and if it was , this site would not be needed. And what you need or I need to quit, in the advice arena could be two different things, but we do share one thing…we want to stop smoking and stay stopped for good. For that reason, you can take what you need and leave the rest. Someone will always take your leftovers.  I am just giving you MY thoughts.




Although I wanted to be among the elders here who had grande quits….I wanted what they had so bad, I wanted to finish a meal when out with friends and not feel compelled to need to excuse myself and go smoke…if only. Well welcome to the club. Most everyone here ( not all ) failed several times before we became successful. We learn from the failures if we are truly determined to quit and stay quit.




 I got complacent after a short time , usually within the end of the first month or couple of weeks, thinking…oh I had this…if I smoke JUST ONE, surely I would not be back to square one. Theres no such thing as one smoke a few weeks, months or whatever in. I am always watching my surroundings and back. Although I have no craves or desires to smoke I have been on the failure end n the past quits because I became complacent. I can't afford to do that and I NEVER want to go back to day one. One smoke leads to 2-3-4 and before you know it..your back to a pack a day. NEVER think you have it beat. Your a Nicotine addict. One smoke and the merry-go-round begins again.






 Laughable now as I look back. Normal people who have never smoked deal with life and unannounced events every singled day and don't smoke. But If I had dropped a carton of eggs on the kitchen floor…that was a reason to smoke. If I accidentally shrunk a good sweater in the drier…that was a good reason to smoke, if my husband looked at me cross-eyed…I was offended and that was a good reason to smoke. Nobody cared, so why should I…that was another good reason to smoke. Uh huh. Look~ life is going to happen no matter what we choose. DO NOT let an uncomfortable event or feeling ruin your quit.



Its okay to cry, Its okay to feel. It is how we were created. Maybe just go with the flow for a change.


Also, my ‘go to’ was Prayer first ~ Vicks Vapor Rub~ ( under nose was a crave buster for me) cleaning my house and I mean EVERY NOOK AND CORNER and mini tramp jumping and walking.

I see many Newbies recently, many struggling just as I have. Maybe someone will say hey, sounds sorta like me. Anyway…felt good to say it. Now…go clean something OR JUMP!


Missy~ 1252 Days of Freedom


Blog Often~Continue to learn about the Nicotine Addiction~ PREPARE your toolbox so your ready to deal with the challenges as they come and defeat them!


Have to be gone awhile

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 2, 2018

Friends from out of town are coming in within the next hour to stay with us so we can all travel up to Fremont in the morning to say goodbye to another friend 'Thomas Auxter' who passed last week. I will be back to get the Monday Morning Train on the tracks though.


Its hard to lose good friends but we know he is not suffering anymore and we will stay in touch with his lovely wife Cyndi. Tom was one of those fellows who you could always count on ...he was a strong shouldered man and a very goof friend of ours with a heart as big as they come.


I know theres many on this site having struggles of their own right now. I pray for you all evernight and always will. You all are my dear friends as well and will always have a special spot in my heart, as you have all touched it one way or good ways


So anyway, we are looking forward to seeing our other friends who will be arriving soon and Im sure the evening will spent recalling all the special memories we all shared with our beloved friend Tom.


See ya all Monday and remember...theres not one good reason to smoke...and if you do smoke....I want you to post what that good reason was on I can be sure to see it! Meanwhile, if you need to smoke and you think nothings going RIGHT....go LEFT.


Love to all~Missy