Checking in

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 27, 2017

Although I have not been here much as of late, I think of you all often.


I am so darn tired. Today I drove two suv loads and 2 haul cargo van loads BY MYSELF to new house. I am so done with the moving thing.  The heat has been near 90's all week and it has me exhausted! I have been taking many breaks and staying hydrated....and this house has so many steps...I sure will not miss those in new house!  I have everything except our clothes and the dishes are still using moved...oh and of course the big furniture that the movers will deal with next weekend. I was worried I would have a relapse with my MS because of the heat, but so far so good


Hubby is dealing with the garages and the horse barn, thank goodness. I think I have new muscles that I have never felt ache before in my life, lol. Some friends are helping tomorrow to sort through things and unpack kitchen at new house. 


Anyway wanted to let you know I am still around, not smoking and going to bed NOW! AND...FYI...I have read some of the Newbie posts and love seeing they are battling through and keeping their quits intact! Awesome!!!


Love and miss you all~ Missy