Are you a Serial Quitter?

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 22, 2017

You might be surprised how many of us elders actually were Serial Quitters. I was.  Here are a few examples of my MANY quits......


I made a huge announcement to everyone that such and such date was my quit date....only to find myself sneaking a cigarette now and then and within a few days back to the whole darn pack.


I would smoke ten a day and decrease till I was down to one then, be absolutely insane and buy a whole pack at midnight....driving into town, not a short drive by far hoping the only gas station was still open and had my brand.


I would feel on a whim to quit...and toss them in the trash after giving them a good dose of water to drown them out only to, well you know...get back in the car and drive into town again...


i would come here and read ALITTLE bit and made a few encouraging posts even and quit over 60 days I think once...then fail....come here ...get lectures because poor me, I had not done what the Elders suggested, yet I felt hurt because they were disappointed in me. Well geese, what’s a girl to do?


Dont they understand....? I am a busy lady!  I was raising a grandson, ( that should have been enough reason to quit, then, but no).

I had and still do have a disability. Poor poor me. As a former surigacal Asst I know by quitting somoking my disability symptoms will improve...that also was not important at enough.

I have all these horses to care for, classes to teach...I am stressed out!


Folks that was then this is now. I’m no dummy.  I am college educated.  Yet I chose to ignore what I needed to do the most and that was the advice given to me when I came here. Thus I was a Serial Quitter.


Addiction cares less of our origins , skin color, faith/ beliefs or the amount of money we have or don’t have or the level of education we have.


Nicotine Addiction is not simply going to go away on its own without effort on your part to commit to recognizing and APPLYING the tools given to you on this site.


Until  I was ready and truly understood how the addiction worked in my brain I was doomed to continue use and  to fail.


Good news is you do not have to remain a 'Serial Quitter.' When your sick and tired of being sick and tired you WILL do this the right way and not skip steps and get busy getting busy.


So get on with it already.....PLEASE. Your very life depends on it.


Have a great weekend and don’t be afraid to feel pain as you quit. Many lost their lives to this rotten addiction and their family members wish they were here to even FEEL. 


This is is no joke. Until you take this seriously as though your life depends on it and it does....

your set up for failure...and are a 'Serial Quitter'.


PS: When I downloaded the three girls in the pic above, the first one had a bubble that said 'I quit smoking'...for some reason it does not show up.