Expect the unexpected

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 4, 2017

Are you expecting Joy or trouble? Pleasant feelings or Pain? Smiles or frowns?

Of course some things in life are truly out of our control BUT....

For the most part do you feel you can perhaps look for the Joy the pleasant feelings and the smiles, just for today?


Instead of looking for ways to make you sad or dwell on whats not going right in your life, can you focus on this very instant. This second. Smile...a big smile.


What are the good things you have going for you right this minute?


   Sometimes I need to step back from my troubles, my pain and quit frowning.

It seems for me anyway, the more effort I put into those things, the more of it I receive. back.


I don't miss smoking like used to. I always worried I would miss it so much. I think it misses me more than I miss it.


Today I am choosing this minute, this second ...I CHOOSE, to be happy, unmoved by circumstances out of my control. I smile as I think of so many of you in here that have touched my heart in so many good ways I can't  count them all.

I count my blessings, I cherish good memories from my past and the bad ones, well...they are there but they don't control me. I don't give them that leverage anymore.I use them as teachable lessons, so I have learned.


Are you looking today for something you expect? Such as words to ease a troubled heart, compassion from someone who is not ready to give it to you? Are you expecting the craves to diminish on this particular day for any particular reason?


Don't expect so much. I have learned to keep my expectations tiny therefore I am a bit less winey.


Reach out to someone else. Theres always someone who is hurting. Help them. It will release your own expectations and fill you up with a happy heart. Don't expect anything in return, just do it.


Don't focus on the cigarette you are wanting this second so bad. Don't feed the Nicodemon. Find something to focus on that makes your heart sing. Make a list , 

What makes your heart sing? Then take action.


The unexpected can also bring you Joy , pleasant feelings and happiness. Maybe we all could look forward in a more positive light . Its worth a try.