3 sweet years of freedom

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 2, 2017

I am happy about that. I was a very stubborn quitter, but I finally dug in my heels and fought through the tuff times ( oh yes, many of those) but because of the knowledge I learned from this site and all of you...I applied that knowledge and it stuck. Yea me...three years. I see other smokers and feel sorry for them and they want what I have. They feel it is impossible to stop because they have failed so many times. I felt that way to. Never would have imagined I would have this wonderful freedom.

So thank you EX and everyone here. I could not have done this without God and Ex. Simply put....I love you guys, old and new...I learn from you all and I intend to remain teachable. Have a safe and happy weekend. I'll be back next week.  Busy weekend planned for us, but all good. Thank you ALL for getting me to 3 years of freedom.