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I am so sorry I have not checked in sooner. I think of you all often.

This building a house thing has just sucked the air out of me. Between that and taking care of both of our elderly Mothers...Dr. appts., grandchildren...well, I just drop at night. Not even watching TV which I suppose is not really that missed anyway.

Now I am dealing with selecting paint colors for a house with Hickory floors. I never thought it would be so hard, with my Art background and all , but I tell's really hard!  I need a vacation! I actually had a crave today...a rather strong came when I realized I left my Mothers house and forgot to bring my important papers with me that I set on her table. I was so exhausted and had to turn around and drive back another 20 minutes to go get them and another twenty home. I just wanted to cry....and smoke!!! I had not had that thought in a couple years, wow! 

I breathed through it though. Thought of all of you. I knew I would not cave in, but I also realized how much I still need to stay vigilant and active here. I truly Thank God for this site and ALL of you. I will have 3 years Sept.2nd!!!


So anyway, just popping in and will try to not stay away so long. From now on until we move, I will probably not get to be here as much, but I will be back to help offer support once we are situated.

to all the newbies, remember HALT ( hungry angry lonely tired ). I did today and greatfully I still have my quit intact.

Crazy busy but not smoking!


Hope to have some time in near future to offer support to everyone who needs it and have more time to read blogs, meanwhile though....just popped in quick to wish everyone well , say hello and welcome all the newbies. This is a super place to be to quit and stay quit.


I will try to pop in when I can. This is busy summer. Stay well and protect those beautiful quits!


Best to all~Missy 1047 DOF

So yeah, this is the new house...still getting soaked and still awaiting a roof. Has been an extremely discouraging week and test of patience for us. We got dumped on royally today. Inside we have baby pools and buckets everywhere....thus the implication of my title...."....  choose good building supplies..." well we did but recently found out it was installed wrong....the paper stuff on the roof. Great. 


Same goes for you with your quit....How prepared are you? Really....did you just wake up one day or just snuff out your last smoke ,had an epiffiany and said...'I Quit'? Good luck cause many don't succeed quitting like that. Take it from an old fool like me....I choose that method way to many times. It wasn't until I smartened up and educated myself on What made the habit of smoking a habit.


Your best success for quitting and staying quit will rely on the effort you put into researching and truly understanding your brains receptors that have grown so attached to the smokes. Once you clearly see how the addiction developes and grows and you learn how to  gather the proper supplies and put them to use, you will be on your way to a freedom unlike one you may not have experienced in a very long time.


Meanwhile, lesson learned here. Roofers tacked up some more paper on roof this morning but had to stop due to storms in area. They have a plan to start the metal in the morning. Really hoping weather cooperates because we are both just sick about this. 


While we we don't have any control of the weather, people, places or things...

we can make better choices with our building may not take the storms away, but it just may help you get through them.


What Happens after NML

Posted by Mandolinrain Jul 7, 2017

So here you are. You have arrived. Somewhere around 130 DOF of your quit....or maybe a little sooner...or later. Your quit seems so much more manageable now. You have been through some very scary craves, moments. You have used your tools wisely and yet you have managed to stay quit.




Don't cinch your saddle to tight just yet....perhaps maybe never. Never a good idea to cinch a horse to tight, they take off bucking...and so will you.


Keep your toolbox near you. Unexpected moments can and will still pop up. You will always need to be prepared as long as you live and breath.


You may feel so brave as to have an evening out with friends and share a cocktail or two or three and think to yourself that you could actually sneak a drag from your friends cigarette...I mean, after are safe. You went through NML and surely one drag won't effect you.....Really????


NOTHING could be farther from the truth. First of all theres the had gone so far and even if you tell nobody...YOU will know.

Secondly, you just stirred the Nico~deamon. He's listening...he's waiting and now he is telling you sweet lies...." Oh come on, no one needs  know but you and I and you won't get addicted with just a few more"....Sound familiar?


If you have ever tried to quit before, as most of us on here have, you know what I'm talking bout. You and I are always going to be addicts to Nicotine. There is no denying it. Once we start...there we are. Square one.


But there is some good news after NML. I feel great. I no longer have craves....thoughts on occasion, but not really craves. I remain vigilant. I continue to protect my quit. My energy is abundant, my health improving, I can stay seated at a dinner table now with friends instead of excusing myself to go outside and freeze like an idiot just to smoke a cigarette....or anywhere for that matter. My heart is not working as hard as it once had to. I don't stink anymore. My car smells like a new car yet. Who knew??? And the list just goes on and on....


So what happens after NML??? You can pat yourself on the back because you have made it through the worst of the addiction and smooth sailing should prevail for the most part now. HOWEVER.....You will always need to remain vigilant. You will always need to keep a stocked toolbox and you always need to keep the light in your lighthouse lite because storms are part of life and they will come. Only now you have the experience to ride them out. You have a community here that will always care and be here for you and you have many newbies that are watching you and need your strength now.


Now go set have a beautiful life ahead with many many blessings just waiting to be explored as a non smoker. Your doing well my friend.

Life is good. 


Missy~1039 DOF



I'd like to add, stick around and help others here as you were helped. It will continue to strengthen your quit and when your helping someone else, your own lives problems become more manageable. Blessings to you all




We have been SOOOOO BUSY, so I have neglected being on the site recently. I hope to get back in the loop by end of week.


Rain continues to dampen our house build and now the roofers are saying the metal won't be ready until Monday, UGH!!!! Very Very frustrating especially with electrical-heating-plunbing all going on. Husband is considering to shingle now just to be done with it. Needless to say, stressful times.

Im not even considering a smoke. No freakin way.


On the brighter side, we celebrated our grandsons first Birthday yesterday ( his birthday is really the first though). Had a great time at the lake, watched fireworks, ate to much food and boating/swimming. Cant complain and we had a wonderful day for it.


Then today...ugh again...AC at our currant house decided not to work. Now really I can manage, but its horrible when your trying to do packing and physical heat is not a friend to those of us with MS.


All said, life is good though. I am NOT smoking, so its even better. I never in a million years thought I would ever be free of the smokes...its SO worth it.


Happy 4th a day early and Ill stop in later this week. love and hugs to all!