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Into the Storm

Posted by Mandolinrain Jun 26, 2017

We never plan to go there....but it happens.


This was my view out of the car window this evening as I drove home from our sons house. The closer I got to home the worse the sky was looking. I did make it home though safe and sound.


Storms pop in and out of our life all the time...not all weather related but still...they find a crack, a weak point to come into our life to wreak havoc.

i used to believe that smoking made those kinds of storms more manageable. Of was not true. While I did get an ' instant gratification ' of relief....the storm was still ever present when I put the smoke out.


As you began your quit journey be ever so mindful of those storms. Realize and accept they will come, smoking or not. Imagine some storms you have already weathered and how you can place yourself differently when the next storms comes upon you is not IF the next storm comes......



Be safe ,mindful and take shelter as soon as you begin to feel the storm rage.

The storm, as all storms do.....will eventually pass, and so will that crave.

Take care of you.


Thought for today 6-24-17

Posted by Mandolinrain Jun 24, 2017

Being PREPARED..... will make all the difference

Getting to the point now in our build where things are getting wired. Never realized how much work was involved to get to this point. Had to walk through each room with our builder and decide where to put switches, lighting, outlets, yada yada yada....and I am burnt out....thats just the tip of the iceberg of all going on.


In a quit there also comes a time where you will add electric so to speak. its a time when you are getting all your wires in place so that when switches get flipped, you are prepared to illuminate and not flicker or waiver. Your solid. You know why your quitting and your not allowing anything to short circuit your decision...there will be no flickering for you. It does not matter what others say, your mind is made up and no wires are crossed. 


Okay, so not my best analogy ,lol....I am whipped. But thought I would stop by and say hello. Between the house and grandkids and relentless weeding in the gardens, I am lucky to even watch the evening news. I will stop by when I can but I expect from now on , this is just going to be a hectic summer....BUT.....


I am wired with my quit. Nothings gonna short circuit that. I worked to hard to get this far.....3 years in September! So to those of you who are new here,Welcome! This is a fine place to be. 







Posted by Mandolinrain Jun 16, 2017

Idiot! I was in center lane minding my own business, headed home from my son and daughter in laws after babysitting all day. They live an hour away. This jerk drives up behind me and basically is drafting me and slingshots around me forcing me to the Lane to my right, Greatfully Nobody was in it at the time. This idiot also forced the guy to my left over to the brim and drove right beteeen us! Was only by the Grace of God there was no accident, threre were three lanes. He drove right between us on the line!


so whats this gotta do with quitting smoking you ask? One word.




We have all dealt at one time or another with it. That moment you want a smoke so bad you will dig out a nasty butt out of the trash ( if that's your only option) so you can get that one hit to relax you, only to find out there no butts dry enough to smoke cause you doused them in water...or smashed them to much to smoke them, but you will try anyway.


Thats one example. So how do you handle the rage? For me I looked at it as it was the enemy. It was pushing all my buttons just waiting for me to cave as I had so many times. It was a thief.  When i began to recognize the 'thief', my gloves went on. It was time to protect my quit. The addict wanted fed.....but not on my watch!


So about two. Maybe three miles down the highway today, guess who I see pulled over to the side of the road with a State Hwy.Patroller flashing his lights. Yup...the idiot. He got what was coming for his Rage. He didn't  prepare to well nor did he fix his need for speed.It fixed him! No I suspect he's even more raged at that point..... will you be if you give into the rage and lose your quit. The consequences of rage USUALLY don't turn out well. Today could have been tragic. Someone could have died. Same with rage from quitting smoking. It's normal and bound to happen, so be prepared. Don't let rage steal your quit.


Your worth more than the rage...put it in its place and walk away unscathed ..

quit intact.


For Patch users

Posted by Mandolinrain Jun 14, 2017

Just a thought.....

So true. And he we are....starting to button up the roof on our new house and rain is moving in! UGH!


Kinda like our quits, huh? We can be so prepared...our tool box full and actually even using the tools in it...all is finally going smoothly for us then BAM!!! A strong crave hits and it came out of no where.


Theres little we can do prevent the storms but there plenty we can do to protect our quit. Pray to your higher power, would be my first suggestion.

MOVE would be my next. Craves really don't last long...they just need a immediate distraction. Do jumping jacks, if your able. Play music, dance drum your fingers to the beat. Get busy blogging on this site. DO SOMETHING  but don't smoke!


Theres also little we can do about our roof. Fact is, its gonna get wet. But we will do what we have to do to ( or rather our builder will) to make it all right again and get back on track....immediately. No waiting around or it could do more damage.


This goes for those of you who have relapsed....I recommend you not romance your quit date. It just gives your brain more excuses to put off your quit. If your tool box is full, get back on the quit immediately! No dilly dallying! Why feed your body more poison? The more poison you feed it the more time it will take to reverse the damage....if at all.


Houses are built everyday in all kinds of weather. So are all kinds of storms....Make your quit your last and your best. Prepare well so that when the storm comes you can charge past it. If you relapse....jump right back on the saddle ( oh did I mention we have a horse farm, so jumping back in the saddle is a must for this business) This applies to failed quit as well. The longer we let a horse sour the harder it is to break. I think you get now. 

Best to you all, have a great smoke free day!

Missy- 1015 DOF


Fender Bender

Posted by Mandolinrain Jun 7, 2017

So yesterday, I'm behind this little green Kia at a stop sign. She starts to pull out onto the road and begins to turn right....I'm behind her and she suddenly hits here brakes....yep I hit her! The thing I notice first is the cigarette between her lips as I mouth to her " I'm so sorry", as she's glancing at me in her side mirror.


I first call 911 then I get out and approach her to make sure she's ok. We are both fine. It was my fault I told her cause I should have not gotten so close. She reeks of she gets out of her smoke filled car.


Aside from a constant headache, and no....I did not It hit my head...I am fine and I am glad I don't stink like that anymore.

She was really nice, I was really stressed, but never wanted to smoke over it. Thank goodness. I had a carload of food to take to construction site, but it all worked out.


Found out today our sons wife that's having twins, is having girls!!! So excited! Due aroun Xmas. Said she will be induced a couple weeks into December. What a beautiful gift!


Busy week , Dr. Apps, grandkids, house build with more meetings. Our Big Mastiff showing some classic aging signs has me a bit worried....other than that, we are well. Would be nice for temps to warm up and get more sun tough.


I really love I don't have the slightest desire to smoke anymore...but my guard is always up....I remain vigilant.


Goodnight dear friends


Freedom isn't Free

Posted by Mandolinrain Jun 6, 2017

You have heard it before....mostly I have always applied this thought to our Great Country and the men and woman whom serve it~Guard it-Protect it. Its comes with a cost. A risk of their health and sometimes unfortunately... their very life. So I would agree . Freedom isn't free.


As I meditated this morning it occurred to me that this phrase 'Freedom isn't Free' also applies directly to quitting smoking. To get to the other side we have to do our share of fighting for that freedom. We also have to guard it and Protect it. It SERVES us well to do so.


This particular freedom also comes with a price. More of a discount I should say. I will let you name your own advantages of the discount you get from quitting name a few : improved health, less stink, cleaner hair-fingers-house-car....and for me anyway, it has been a growing experience learning more about me. I decided I CAN make a decision without a cigarette to my mouth or nicotine flowing through my veins.


Freedom isn't free when it comes to quitting smoking. You have to go through to get the breakthrough, as we all have...but I tell you the is so worth it. I love this Freedom.


Have a beautiful smoke free day~Missy


Framing  your house

Posted by Mandolinrain Jun 2, 2017

So just wanted to say I have an extremely busy summer and may not get to be on Ex everyday but I will check in weekly. The house build is going great but a lot of things are keeping me running around and we have he grandkids a lot.



Speaking of framing, how's yours holding up? Do you have the right braces in place so the walls stay in place! Do you have protection wrapped around your exterior walls to keep the bad weather out? The Nicodemon is not fooled by much and will get into any nook and cranny whenever he sees fit. So protect your walls. You will have a much stronger BUILD ( QUIT) if your protecting those walls!


Missy- 1004 DOF