You may not like what we have to say

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 13, 2017

I think I speak for everyone in here, but as a group with new or seasoned quits, it's never our intention to hurt feelings of anyone in here.  Sometimes direct advice can sound tuff or hard but it always given out in compassion. We recognize these weak moments where craving a smoke enters into our thoughts and of course the first thing anyone wants to do if in that position ,is go find someone to blame so feel as though they have permission to smoke. It's called and excuse. All of us looked for them at one time or another in our quit journey. 


Its when we recognized and understood....did our homehome, that we developed a backbone instead of a wishbone and said enough was enough . We recognized the choice is ours if we want to smoke or not. Circumstances and people are not shoving them into our faces...we were. It has always been our choice all along. The freedom came when we came to recognize...'WOW, I can CHOOSE not to smoke and I can deal with whatever, without a smoke'.


Coming here and namecalling us because you feel one or all of us may have stepped on your toes is not only childish it just tells me your hurting.......hurting people hurt people. We have all hurt at one time or another in our quiit by the addiction...yet, it is not an acceptable excuse to be disrespectful  in my book. 


If your 'hurt' by advise given in here, then get busy getting busy reading and learning about the addiction because you don't understand it.  At Ex, we share our ups and downs and sometimes that involves the very words that someone shared with us that helped us through our 'hurt'...being shared with you in hopes to help you. There's a large variety of beautiful flowers here at Ex. We alll have our our beauty to share if your willing to bloom with us. Each flower has its own beauty to share and may be looked upon differently by the viewer.....but I promise you this....


its ( our) only intention is to help you see yourself, where you are presently in your quit, so you may make a healthy choice to live smokefree . Now go bloom and build your garden.