Nicotines Hidden Agenda

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 5, 2017

Are you a victim?

 I was for 30 some years. 

Little did I know the deceit feed regularly into my very core.


I smoked Marlboro Lights. I assumed by smoking the 'lights' I was smoking a healthier version, hahaha, the joke was on me. The Cigarette companies love us fools that believe that. They will gladly take my money. " Buy two packs and get one free"...." 


I like breathing pretty much everyday. I love that I don't 'stink' anymore. My clothes don't stink. My hair does not need washed everyday. My fingers don't stink.


I like feeling normal for the most part....not depending on the Nicotine buzz to help me make a decision, relax me, inspire me, give me courage....and so on...... How absurd! I gave Nicotine way to much credit. I gave way to much of myself to Nicotine.


I am able to do all those things now without a 'Nicotine Fix". Plus I have more $ saved:)


Do yourself a favor.....set aside a jar somewhere in your house. Everyday, put in it the cash amt. you would be spending on smokes. If your still a smoker...still do this little exercise......

Now, on a piece of paper....write down an item you always wanted for yourself ( let be reasonable, Im not talking about a Jaguar)....

Keep filling your jar and see how long it takes to have enough to get your item..


I wanted a new Mandolin. Took me 2 years, but I got it with the money I would have spent on smokes. Just kinda a fun thing to do.


Anyway, Im rambling now.....what did nicotine take away from you that you now have resumed control of ?

Gotta Run, have a great smoke free day!