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Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 29, 2017

Don't feed the Nicotine Monster

He WILL grow if you continue to feed it


You have 2 choices:


1. Feed the Monster and restart your quit


2. Starve the monster and it will weaken . Freedom is yours


Your Choice...choose wisely


I just posted this again cause looks like a lot of ppl struggling right now

Glad they came here though

We all have them. They appear at the beginning of our quits...and can pop up off and on no matter how far in your quit you are.


The thing is they really have nothing, YET THEY HAVE EVERYTHING  to do with your addiction.


When I smoked I ALWAYS had a smoke if there was something uncomfortable or bad going on in my life or around me. Funny thing is, it never solved any of those things. I fooled myself into believing that the smoke would pacify and help me to think clearer, settle me down, relax....whatever. I know now that that just my brain being told to feed the addiction. Once I fed it, I was ok for a short while and then it called to me as it needed to be fed again.

And as that crazy scenario continued it changed nothing in my environment. If I was having a good day or a bad day, didn't matter....the monster needed to be fed.


This was some thing very for my quit to be successful, recognizing the monsters ( Nicotine)  need to feed.


Be smoked to feel: good, relaxed, to help you make decisions, to settle you down, to pick you up, to fit in, to enjoy your cocktail more, to reward yourself after doing something, to FEEL...PERIOD.




Now as a non smoker, the environment surrounding us is still as it was. All the reasons you smoked, STILL happen, but now you have to FEEL those experiences without the aide of the drug Nicotine. WOW...Now you get to really FEEL LIFE. 


And Life is hard sometimes. People who have never smoked will tell you that much.


LIFE is also full of an abundance of JOY and HAPPINESS. As a non smoker I enjoy those moments so much more.


So if your having a bad day early in your quit. Look ahead at all the gains you will be making. Your gonna actually FEEL something for REAL now. Thats good and bad days, but they are yours to feel now, not the nicotines. As a non smoker you will also gain more from the bad days because now you recognize how much the smokes controlled you, your feelings. You will be able to step back and look at the situation more clearly and focus on it rather than the need to feed.

RECOGNIZE  when your having a bad crave that it is NEEDING TO BE FED. 


IF you feed are back to square one.

IF you do not feed are that much closer to being done with the insanity of this addiction.


Those are your choices~choose wisely




our significant other

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 27, 2017

I did not smoke when i met my husband in 1978..he did. i was a runner. 


well he quit and I started. dumb me. not ever in house or around kids. yep in car though, not with kids in car/


He always wanted me to quit. he did not complain.


Heres what happens f they don't smoke...and what we put them through:


we stink...our hair...our huh???


our body actually is always letting the stink come out of our pores


breath stinks....kisses are horrible ....


decrease health


please feel free to add more......I want to see more


My husband is my prince, i love him so very much but I put him through this over 30 years.


Im glad thats done.


Life with Him and without the smokes is a wonderful new chapter in are already blessed life.


Said my go give your significant other a hug




now get going , theres no time like the present


Not broken-Bad sprain

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 26, 2017

Went to get other opinion yesterday. Cleveland Clinic. Not broke, but bad sprain. Wont be in here typing much for next couple weeks unless , but will be reading. love to all, thanks for prayers and comments in my previous posts.. I am doing great. I WILL be back in here eventually. So behave....I don't wanna read about anyone else 'slipping' like I did


Oh and G....that was typo on the "lost 3 day"s thingy...hahaha 


I Slipped

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 25, 2017

Yep, it began on the first step...all the way down to 13.

I don't know what happened.

It was not a choice.


I have Multiple Sclerosis so I find myself 'slipping ' a lot....again...not my choice

I broke my wrist this time, breaking my fall. 


I did not smoke

I did not make A CHOICE to smoke


I will say say this though...I have MS so when I hear the words 'I Slipped", from my perspective anyway, I assume someone fell down. It was not a choice. Having MS is a a very disabling disease. Presently, no cure for it. Most days I do great, but hearing people in here  casually throwing around the words 'I slipped", when they Chose to smoke, really gets under my skin. I didn't choose MS, it CHOOSE me.


You don't have to CHOOSE to smoke

THAT  is totally YOUR choice


And you won't change my thinking on this.....EVER

Walk in my shoes for one day...

You will understand


Slipping is reserved for falls...not smoking

Thats a choice


Supporting each other

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 23, 2017

First of all, I think EVERYONE here on EX is special in their own way. There are a TON of different personalities on this site just as there are on any other. 


Taking what you need from each post/blog and leaving the rest , I am finding, is the best way to handle uncomfortable situation in here, I am finding.


Some people are just more up front about their suggestions to help others quit or stay quit. Others are still supportive but perhaps not as vocal. Some are very passionate in their desire to help new quitters move along and stay strong with their quit while others, whom are resilient in their quit offer their hope and praise for your quits in more gentle undertones.


However it is done due to the large diversity of personalities on EX, I feel safe to say that everyone on this site is supporting each other in the ways the support was given to them. And it worked. While we are all different, its so good to read all the different methods and advice given because perhaps one of those ideas or suggestions WILL CLICK with the new person coming in.


Sometimes 'feelings' take over and we forget the purpose of why we are here r how we got here. I can't speck for everyone but personally I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of smoking. I received TONS of constructive advice when I failed several times with my quit at the beginning. It hurt, yes....but I also knew those same people were really right. After all, they are taking the time to be here relentlessly and not giving up on me and pushing me to open new doors to see why I kept failing. There advice, although it hurt to hear it, was right ON SPOT.


That was me 2 and a half years ago. I realized I had to really toughen up and quit playing with my quit if I wanted what they had...Freedom from addiction.


That being said I am more aware now than ever of circumstances and environment that surrounds me and I will protect my quit no matter what. I worked very hard to be 933 days quit. I have no desire to go back to day one.


I tend to take words very personally, so I have a very thin shell and it does not take much to make me feel bad. I think a lot of that is due to a very bad start in life...and perhaps I will always have that insecure shell. But I am a stronger person each day. I can see so many wonderful people on this site who have stuck around for years to help me maintain my quit and yours. They don't have to, but they CHOOSE to.


Like I said , everyone has a different personality and a different way to present their thoughts. Maybe their thoughts are not for you but maybe, just maybe they WILL help another person, therefore thats why we always say, take what you need and leave the rest.


It worked for me and it can work for you if you allow it. God Bless






Good Days vs Bad Days

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 22, 2017

Bad days were often my excuse to light up when I was failing my 'quits ' a couple years ago. If you just looked at me wrong, I would take that as an excuse to smoke. Funny how much the nicotine does to our brain cells to create this very unfortunate feeling deep inside that tells us to smoke.


On good days, which there were many more than bad...once  I buckled down and did the reading and used the tools given to me to help me through the bad days.....Good days were much more common.


You have to prepare ahead. You have to expect the uncomfortable moments, days, things in your life and people  to disappoint you from time to time.


Today I celebrate 932 DOF. Its also our wedding Anniversary of 37 years. This is a good day. I am imagining however, in a few hours from now, we will be putting to rest a very special friend of that we both were riding instructors  together for many years as well as ski patrollers. Although her suffering has ended now and I know she's in a better place, she was only 54. There was a time I would smoke over this. In fact I have been having smoking dreams, as of late. A good day turning bad if I allow it.


The difference is my choice. I recognize that smoking certainly will not bring her back. I recognize how sneaky old habits can creep backing my life so I have my quit in place and well protected from returning back to smoking.


My advice to you if your a new quitter.... ALWAYS watch your back. Be prepared because no matter how many days or years of Freedom you may takes only one puff to land you right back to the misery of quitting.

While I do not have any 'craves' ...the thought of it came over me strongly yesterday at Calling hours. Because of this people, the thought dissipated as quickly as it came on. I have not had that thought for over 2 years. Scared me to think it would even be in my brain yet.


Just one puff and I will right back to where I was 931 days ago...wishing I was where I am today..... Celebrating 932 DOF.






One more thing....

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 19, 2017

I just learned a very dear friend passed away. She was diagnosed about a yr. and a half ago with early onset Parkinson's and dementia. My heart is broken. She wa only 54. We were, a few yrs back, ski patrollers together and went through trading as therputic riding instructors. I would, at one time, found this to be a moment I would want to smoke. But no. I do not believe the lies anymore. She helped me see that...


You all helped me see that

. R.I. P. Reinette...God picks his favorite flowers first.


Anger Management

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 19, 2017

I suspect we have all been there, especially when we were fresh in our quits.




So what's going on? 


From mu prespective , more than I can handle, thus the anger. 

When I was still smoking,  anger and a smoke went hand and did many many things, emotions, you name it, any flux of emotions required a smoke for me.


As a non-smoker I  deal differently with all of it. I learned, the smokes NEVER simplified or changed anything for those uncomfortable moments. They may have sedated the moment...but the problem was still there.

NOW I see the moment for what it is and deal with it appropriately .


Nicotine is a vicious drug. It screws your mind into believing it's lies. Please please please learn about this, read about this, understand this. I so promise you ...that once you do, will beat the addition because it will truly anger you to see what the drug Nicotine has on will truly make your QUIT so much more desirable.  Educating yourself on this addiction is SO KEY.


PLease read as many articles as you possibly can to inforce how Nicotine  effects your brain. Please blog OFTEN. Please ask for help 24/7 here as needed.


We care, we have your back.


Im Sorry

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 18, 2017

Connies post got me to thinking...perhaps I don't taste my words enough before I spit them out. 


If I have ever dished out any TUFF LOVE to anyone here on Ex, it has NEVER been my intention to belittle or hurt anyone....ever. I only used the very same technique that was used in here on ME that actually made me take my quit more seriously and work harder at maintaining it.


Anyway...I have the upmost respect for EVERYONE here. Because weather your an hour quit or a year are here...and you want what we have. Freedom from Nicotine addiction.


Personally, Tuff love was good for me. It was never dished out in a mean way. I feel Tuff Love can be a good thing , it reminded me of the seriousness of this addiction. To me tuff love means I care enough to share with you how I got through the bad times/craves without all the sugarcoating. It does not mean I care any less, it just means to me anyway.....I won't always have someone there to hold my hand and walk me through. I have to be ready and prepared at all times to handle , alone if need be, the craves or situations as they arise.


Anyway, I care about all of you here at Ex. I will not dish out anymore tuff love. I am so sorry if I ever offended anyone. It was NEVER my intention. I am only here because I wanted to give back to others as they gave to me, and the tuff love was a HUGE part of what the elders gave me to get me to  a successful quit .


Hope everyone has a great evening. Watching the movie 7 pounds now with sweet hubby , so gotta run. Love to all






Finding my Colors

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 17, 2017

Unlike many others, we have chosen to stay home this evening, no green beer for us. Irish or not,lol., now a shot of Irish cream in coffe, yum......but then I would be up all night, so.......nonononononon


Big thanks to Jennifer, so now I shall drive you all crazy with color. As a part time Artist, this is a must use tool!!


So how is everyone tonight? I think this color is hard to see


This is my favorite color...I like this font.


Just being silly. I hope Everyone is doing well this evening.


gonna read some blogs and hit the hay.


Sweet dreams , N.o.p.e.




Powerful Words~NEWBIES

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 16, 2017

These two quotes were my 'go to' thoughts when I was struggling with craves. Thought I would pass them on to the newbies......They were of great help to me.











Chew on those words. You can see in them the insanity nicotine drives us too.

Set yourself free of the insanity. You can do it. N.O.P.E.



Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 10, 2017

Some people say it's not how you start but how you finish that counts. In regards to life in general I would agree. But this quitting smoking business is a different type of Monster that needs to be dealt with totally differently.


Being totally aware of the Nictine Monster 'Nicotine' and having a plan in place is paramount to have an easier transition to becoming an in smoker.  How much effort you take to do this FIRST and daily will determine your ability to anticipate the Monster as he will raise his ugly head and tell you that ' just one more time' story if his.

don't  buy the lies .


 Anticipate the lies when they come, destroy and fight the Monster with plans of action. What will you do when your under attack?


Freedom from this Monster is a battle, but an armored body that's strong and determined and anticipates the enemy's next move , wins wars.


This is war. The good news is the powers to win it are all in your hands if you choose to go to combat with that Nicotine Monster .....fully prepared.


You can do it! Prepare for battle and anticipate the enemy's move before they come. Be ready.....BEFORE you quit.





Quick check in

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 9, 2017

Lung function tests all done, wow they wore me out!

Waiting for office to call to schedule Bronchoscope .

Then I head back to Dr. on April 17th for full reports of results.


Im not a real patient person when waiting for this sorta stuff, but I am feeling better. Coughing has let up a lot, still pretty winded when I talk.


Thanks all for your support and prayers. I hope to have more time later today to read new posts and blogs. Gotta, I mean:)

Hugs, Missy

This is MY best recipe for quitting smoking for good


In order:


1. Understand the addition of Nicotine

2. Educate yourself on WHY Nicotine holds on to you so tight

3. Have a plan of action in place for when the craves hit you, which includes visiting this site as often as you can

4. Post on this site whenever you are overwhelmed

5. Throw away all smoking material, ashtrays etc.

6. Quit

7. Begin a smoking journal, use it to relate feelings throughout the day and what works and what does not to help you. Or just anything really. 

8. Sounds dumb, but worked for me....wear colors that you love that refresh you and make you smile. 

9. When your really having a bad moment- reach out to this site and help someone else. 

10. Always remember, we are here for you EX. You never have to be alone 24/7, you may not get an immediate response but eventually someone will be by to help you....encourage you.


After three days the Nicotine is out of your system. The tuff really kicks in, but how tuff it is relies on how well prepared you are, thus....start with number one above. This is what worked for me so I am compelled to share it.


Finally, I never met or talked to a person who was glad they kept on smoking........

But I met and talked to plenty of people who are so grateful blessed because they did.


Good luck on your journey to freedom. N.O.P.E.




Dr.Appt. Update

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 6, 2017

I am fortunate that I was able to see the director of the Pulmonary dept. He said I have Pneumonia and bronchospasm.A few lung nodules were found.

He put me on an inhaler as well as a 5 day course of prednisone. I am to return to his office for further testing this Thursday at 9:30. Thats all I have for now. He does not feel I have cancer although nodules can turn. He said a bronchial scope might be forthcoming soon. Breathing test this Thursday will tell hime a lot though, he said.

Still short of breath here and losing my wind at end of sentences, tired, but otherwise no fever and I feel fine.


Thank you so much for all the thoughts and prayers. Love you all (((((((Exers))))))))))) Missy


To you Newbies.....this is yet another reason to quit smoking.


I did this to myself

Posted by Mandolinrain Mar 4, 2017

I quit 914 days ago. Cold Turkey.

I am having to see a pulmonary doctor on Monday am not sure what to expect. My emotions are on a roller coaster right now. Lung Cancer??? It has been suggested as a possibility. My chest X-ray was not clear.

I have a dear friend who died of it AFTER she quit.

I did this to myself.


All those smokes I thought were SO GOOD at the time. 30 years a pack a day. 

I am not having a good day. Sorry to vent


Still coughing

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 28, 2017

This just stinks, I can barley carry on a conversation without coughing. Went into Dr. Monday morning. Blood work, chest x-rays and referral to a Pulmonary Doctor who's office is supposed to contact me to set up appointment. Very short of breath but pulse aux was about 90...still.....Having MS on top of this, I am just plain worn out. To top this off we are preparing to build a new home this summer, which should be exciting, but I am dreading it.


Okay, so heres some good news. I have 910 days of freedom today. My health otherwise is great. Im not pushing daisies, lol. My family is all well, as are our three grandkids ages 7 months, 3 years and 7 years. I am only a MILD case of MS , so that could be worse.....This too shall pass.


Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hello and congrats to everyone on a smoke free day! Ill be more active in here when I am feeling better.:)