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1. I am not as sick as often

2. My hair and my clothes do not stink

3. My vehicle maintains its newness smell

4. I am not freaking out that a cig went flying into the backseat of my car when I tossed it out the window

( cause I don't do that anymore)

5. My 3 grand babies don't see me smoke or are ever around it. period

6. My breath is not nasty anymore

7. I don't have to leave dinner table or party to go outside and smoke

8.I have save SO MUCH MONEY

9. I treated myself to a new Mandolin after I passed  year two in my quit

10. I feel better all shape and fit 

11. I lost a few smoking friends but gained even better non smoking friends 

12. I have better sense of taste and smell

13. My heart attack/cancer risk has declined....alot.

14. I continue to put money I would have spent into a QUIT JAR and treat myself at the end of each year. Its fun to watch the money grow. 

15. I have amazing friends on this site

16. I am finally free and grateful as can be....but ALWAYS....have my guard up! Cant afford not too!!!


I am sure theres more I could add. But I need to go get some things done. What are the pros YOU have as a non smoker???


Have a great day!


Your Stinking Thinkin could be getting in the way of your quit. You need to keep your guard up at all times.

Be aware of whats going on around you and THINK THROUGH the actions BEFORE you cave into it.


When I quit I was sure I would never really have fun anymore. I would certainly not be able to enjoy a glass or two of wine with friends after dinner because I ALWAYS had to smoke if I was consuming alcohol. I also had no crutch to 'go to' anymore when I was upset about something, starting or finishing ant task, making a decision about anything really....always required a cigarette . I could go on but am sure you follow.


In the past my quits failed because number one, I didn't take the time to truly understand the WHY I was so dependent on smoking and because I had not truly , whole  heartedly , changed my thinking .


So the next time you are considering breaking a quit you have going stop and think through the entire cigarette. Are you just needing instant gratification? Because thats all your gonna get. Once you snuff the nasty thing out your problem is still there awaiting for you patiently and you just set your quit back to all over again , day one. You will feel like crap because you blew it.....again.


So before you light up, think it through:


Write down first all the reasons you think you should go ahead a smoke the stupid thing. Then write down everything you KNOW your gonna feel after you do. Come to this site. Post it. Read blogs.


I know this is a little out there, but whatever works, right? I wore a rubber band around my wrist and when ever I felt like a cigarette, I snapped it. It was a reminder for me that the pain of the snap only lasts a few seconds....much like the smoking gratification would only last a few seconds. It reminded me my life is worth more.


So happy Friday and get snappin', make it snappy....and THINK IT THROUGH






I appreciate you

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 21, 2017

I just wanted to take a minute and tell EVERYONE on this site....I appreciate you!


I stay SMOBER hearing everything the Elders and the Newbies have to say. Its a great community. Although we have all had to adjust to this new site it makes me happy to see everyone helping one another...understanding the site...offering positive support and just dropping in even to say hello now and them.


Just want ALL of you to know that I hold you all in prayers each night and am so very grateful to be a part of this community. I stayed away far to long after I smobered up. I may not be able to come here everyday but I think of you all everyday and it makes me smile.


We all have something so many other people would love to have. Smobriety!!! I don't care if your quit for only a day. Your Smober and your here.


Everyone have a fantastic rest of the day. I think I get our grand baby tomorrow so I may not be back for a day or so. Hugs to all and N.O.P.E.


Me time

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 18, 2017

With all three grandkids here this weekend, me time is now at almost midnight. Hahaha


Me time used to AlWAYS consist of a ciggarette in hand. Seems like I would do one chore and light one up before doing another chore. I could not do anything without a smoke. Make a decision, drive any distance, have a glass of wine, relax by the get my drift. Heck about the only place I didn't smoke was in the house or in the horse barns for fear of fire. Never mind my own lungs were getting sicker and sicker with each and every puff.


I thought it was all about METIME when I smoked. What a fool I was. When all long it was.nothing but a lie I allowed the Smokes , to feed into my very thick skull.


Now ME TIME actually is just that. I am in control now. I don't have to run away from dinner guest to go out and smoke....even on frigid days....I would go stand and freeze just to get a nicotine fix. Ha! Some real quality ME TIME that was....NOT!!!

I so enjoy my family even more now...these babes never have to see me smoke or smell the stink on me. I don't have to run off and smoke between every little thing I do. 


Wow those smokes really did a number on me. It's nice to not depend on them anymore. 


ME TIME has taken on a new meaning for me and I am  SO God , my wonderful hubby of almost 37 years for his support, my family here at home and all of you here at EX. I am more blessed than I ever thought could be possible. I do NOT smoke....Life is good and is just getting better everyday. Bad days never outshine the good ones.

All bad days are, are reminders that..This too shall pass and a good days on its way.#

blessings to you all!


Smoking Dreams

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 14, 2017

I am willing to bet, most of you have had one.


I have not for over a year, but wow are they upsetting. I'm not sure exactly why we have them. Could be because we miss the routine of smoking subconsciously ? I know I used to love smoking. I hated its taste and smell and the stronghold it had on me, but I loved it .


Then I became educated about the nasty cancer sticks . 


It really does make all the difference in the world on how successful you will be with your quit once you truly understand WHY you THINK you love it so much.


Once I tackled that...the smoking dreams became a thing of the past.


Happy Valentines  Day all my lovely friends!

Finally feeling better. I was sicker than I can ever recall and its taken awhile to feel better. Sorry I was away so long. I must say I have to blame the old habit of smoking as far as recovery. I do have C.O.P.D. so it makes my lungs work harder when getting over a upper respiratory infection. Am still on antibiotics but Wow this threw me for a loop.


Anyway, hope everyone has been well, I have sure missed stopping in but you will see me around more often again now. I have 893 glorious days of no smoking and have no intention to put them back towards my face EVER again.


Missed you all~Missy


Still sick

Posted by Mandolinrain Feb 4, 2017

But not smoking.


I remember smoking when I was sick .....I would always end up with bronchitis . 

Well I don't have bronchitis but I do have a upper respiratory cold , very sore throats and pink eyes....ugh! I also have beginning stages of C.O.P.D. So am struggling with shortness of breath.

anyway wanted to stop by and say hI, hope to be more active again next week in here.

Smoking gives you nothing back. It only takes away. Think about that. 

N.0.P.E. is much better than C.O.P.D.

So how many times did I do that when I smoked. More than I can count. I finally resigned because I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Truth....I never once EVER woke up saying " I'm so happy I am a smoker".

i also never imagined I would ever feel truly free of this addiction.


I am not stupid though,I know if I take just one puff , it would not be long before I would be right back here I started. You know I am right.

My best advice? Really educate yourself HOW Nicotine does a number on your brain. It will

astonish you and you will begin to see the deceit of the Nico Demon, how he lies to you.


Quit going around the same ole mountain. I quit cold turkey, good for use whatever aide you want, but unless you understand the addictions grasp on may be seeing the same mountainsides over and over again.


We all deserve to see so much more!