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Under the weather

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 31, 2017

So I just took Sharon's hand on New Years pledge and promised not to smoke today but It came out wrong as I typed it. I don't know how to edit it so sorry about that.


meanwhile I just got back from doctor. I have a sore throat and pink eye. So I can't see real well. In both eyes. So sorry about that too! Lol


otherwise I am well and not smoking! Sorry about all my stupid typos today, ya'll get my drift, have a wonderful smoke free ( I almost typed smile free but caught that one,lol) day! Whew!


bad night

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 29, 2017

Just having a bad night , not even thinking of smoking,but bad night. Could use prayer, if your a prayine person


Take your time

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 27, 2017

This site has changed a lot and although I am still learning how to navigate it, I know I eventually will 'get it'.

Take your time, Be patient, good will come of it. 

For Newbies, if your having a difficult time go to the HOME page top left of the page , and just read through all posts on the right. It will help get you through your difficult time until you have more patience and time to learn this new format.

Change is something I never had much liking for when I was a smoker. Now as a non-smoker, I have learned how to do a lot of things with patience . I certainly don't need to smoke over it like I used to. Seems like I had to smoke for every uncomfortable thing that ever used to happen to me in my life. Learning to navigate all the ups and down in my life was difficult at first without smoking, but I managed. One day a a time.


take your time, take a deep breath . Change can be as good or bad  as YOU make it. Your in control now...not the cig. Don't worry, be happy     


Have a wonderful smokefree day!


A quick hello

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 26, 2017

I have been exploring the site for the past hour. I just have been really busy with a lot on my plate right now, but really I am fine. Wanted to say hi and wish everyone a wonderful smokefree day. Love you all!


as I get more comfortable with this new format I will be posting more, meanwhile N.O.P.E.


Neat new site!

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 25, 2017

I am liking this new format ! Unfortunately I have not explored everything on here yet so I think once I have time to sit down, I will figure it all out. I have been helping with the grandkids, two are sick and no Mom and Dad are catching it, so I have been very busy since yesterday. once I get caught up and have more time To see how to navigate this new site, you will see more of me. Hopefully I am in the right spot now? Could someone tell me if where it says ' conversations' that where we read everyone's blogs?

i also noticed I am getting some emails with friends blogs!....??? No worries, If you can't answer. I will soon find time to figure it out.


meanwhile I hope your all enjoying a smokefree day....and hang in there to those of you who are struggling. The freedom you will gain is SO worth the effort!ewwwwww, me thinks me gonna like this new EX site 


Choices and Tuff Love

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 24, 2017

I have been on both sides of this. 

When I first came to Ex, back in 2008 or so I think, my heart really was really not into 'quitting' . I was testing the waters, seeing what was available to help me quit should I truly want to stop....for good.

I lurked along time. I saw all these strong people and I wanted what they had, freedom from the smokes, but I was certain it was unobtainable for me. Off and on I would read some material they suggested but I never stuck it out. 

I loved smoking. Period. I was not ready. 

This went on for a long time, some of what I had read kicked it. It's like a seed. You have to water that thought for it to grow, or it dries up and nothing ever becomes of it. Sound familiar???

Well I decided it was important for me to quit, not only for my health but for my family and their health. I made a choice. It was finally time. time to Buckle down the hatches and get busy with this quit. But where to start? I still enjoyed smoking and although I feared I would never succeed, I had to give it a go.

I came back here.

For the first several months I lurked, read much material and finally got the confidence up to participate in discussions/blogs. I would do very well then something would happen in my life and I would make the CHOICE to smoke. Just one, but I would smoke and ended up crawling back to this room to confess to all my wonderful support people and whine to them how justified I was for having only one cigarette.

i expected Love and kindness and surely they would support and understand me.

I got  a heavy dose of tuff love that sent me packing for another long time. it finally occurred to me that I not only had to read the material but I needed to apply it daily to my life. I had a thick skull, so it took awhile for that message to resonate in there, lol. But it finally did and I am so grateful for the tuff love I got theses days. 

I stayed away to long though. Recently I got an email explaining this site would be under new construction. I hadn't stopped by here for so long, would they remember me? I was certain many like Dale and Nancy, Mikecity would be here. And yes...they are. Sadly others are gone.

Even though it took a heavy dose of tuff love and me making the choice to really work this program and apply it to my like, which I have since September 2,2014....I wish I would have never left. I should have been here to concratulate and help people and support people like it was given to me.

I cannot change the past but I am here now to do just that. I can't post everyday but I will stop in here and offer any help I can. I needed the TUFF LOVE and I u derstand now its importance. It is work. Work that those who have gone before me have done to gain their freedom. This is no game. This is your life. My life. I cannot afford to be so non chalant over my quit. They gave me the tools to get on with life and get busy living without the smokes and I ( at that time) didn't take it as seriously.  I have learned since, because of this site, that life happens and I learned how to navigate life's hurdles without smoking over it. There's no justification left for me now to ever smoke again. Thank God.

you are ALL wonderful. This is a good place to be to learn about your addiction and APPLY the tools suggested to gain the FREEDOM your lungs so desire. 

Make this year be the year you take back the control over your choices your body and your health. I never dreamed it would be doable , but I am enjoying such a freedom from this addiction thatI cannot imagine ever going back for any reason. now you will learn to know what it's really like to LIVE and FEEL without the cigs.

It is amazing. I wish everyone the best today. Hugs, Missy

When I look back at when I decided to quit smoking for, wow...I don't know...the twentieth time ( that was BEFORE I actually started to READ and learn about my nicotine addiction), I recall feeling so very sad.

i thought for sure my social life was over because there's no way I would ever enjoy a glass of wine again without a cigarette ....socialize , parties, friends that smoked. But there were other very negative things about that nasty habit that I also knew I needed to address.

I had really long hair when I quit. It stunk and my clothes stunk...most of the time. I can assure you my husband hated it and my breath.

i have these horrible tiny fine lines around my upper lip. Yes....from smoking. My skin is actually recovering, but doubt the wrinkles on top lip go away without the help of a plastic surgeon. I won't go through that but young girls reading warned. You will get those as well if you pursue the nicotine.

the weight. Never had a problem till I quit. Then 15plus pounds. I decided it was more important to quit and handle the weight after. For me, this worked and now I am in great shape. 

I so enjoy my grandchildren now. They will never see me smoke or smell it on me. i have had them for the past two days and just love them so much, we had a great time!

I have MS (RRMS), mild case, I'm far .and more recently, maybe COPD.. I can't do anything about that. I can say that I am so grateful to be active , alive, and  more importantly, that I finally buckled down and educated myself on this addiction and finally quit ( September 2,2014). I thank God for this site and Alan Carrs book....and all of you. 

I have good days and bad days, I suspect, as you all do. But I have learned to do the bad days without the aide of Nicotine and for a FACT my bad days are no where NEAR where they used to be. I'd also like to mention, there's nothing wrong with actually feeling bad or having a bad day from time to time. You don't always need to 'fix it' ...( with a smoke, like I used to, heck I had more excuses to make excuse why I did smoke). Having a bad day or moment or whatever...can be a way of making you STOP, THINK,or maybe just do nothing but pray! We do not have to have all the answers all the time or a smoke to figure it out. If you follow....?....

educate yourself on this addiction. Then Apply it to your life, your best days are ahead . I know mine are. Blessings


feeling kinda crappy

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 14, 2017

Not in a ' I think I'll smoke' way. Just in general. I have arthritis in my hands and they really hurt today. So, as we wait for the barometric temps to level off again, I may just be reading for a few days not not typing in here. So don't think I left ya'all. Just need to take a break with these sore fingers, 

stay safe and warm everyone and N.O.P.E.-

As crazy as this may sound...Vicks Vapor Rub.

i can't recall now where on the Internet I read this but back when I was overwhelmed with craves, I found this little article about using Vicks and low and was like magic for me.

i carried Vicks everywhere I went. I even bought the Vicks inhaler. I had a little blue bottle of magic in darn near every room of this house!

i would put it on my chest, under my nose and occasionally a dab on my tongue.

i have no idea why it worked, but it did and the craves left me right away. I never smoked menthol, so that had nothing to do with it. 

I only used it for the first month or so and wow was my hubby glad I gave up the Vicks, lol. But anyway, just wanted to share that little trick.

truly though, although the Vicks helped me in tuff times, I cannot say enough how important it is to really educate yourself early on about how and why craves happen. The more knowledge you have the better prepared you will be when the craves hit. It will click and make sense. You can and will succeed. N.O.P.E.

now go out there and stay strong today. You can do this...You Will do this, you want take it and hold on. Yoir worth the fight! Remember that!


You are my sunshine

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 11, 2017

I feel terrible that I stayed away so long.

i will make my best effort to check in more often.  Your all wonderful strong people. I so admire the strength in here.

although I am over 2 years quit, I know it would only take one smoke and I would be right back at it again....a pack a day.

i have a full plate right now, as we are looking to relocate and downsize our home, and taking care of elderly parents....I will come in often. Reading the struggles of the new quitters helps me to reach out and help them....I tend to forget about my own problems.


Blessings all, 

Mandolinrain, (a.k.a. Used to be FreedomBell) a couple years ago


Hi everyone!

Posted by Mandolinrain Jan 10, 2017

It's been aloooonnnnngggg time since I checked back in here. ( I used to go by the name Freedom Bell). Anyway, life happens and I am back...still quit!

 It has been two years and 130 days for me and I can't be more grateful for it.

i hope to check in more often now to help encourage others, as they did me, to hold onto your quit. It is so doable and so gratifying !,, I promise, even though you may think you will never be able to do it....I am proof that you can.

i cannot count the number of times I failed before I finally did it. I stressed myself out so much.....I put so much pressure on myself, mostly quitting to please everyone else. When I finally quit for ME, it really began to click.

So, anyway, I want to be here now to encourage those of you who need encouragement the way it was given to me so much a couple years ago when I quit. 

though, I think I need to hit the hay. I look forward to hooking up with some old buddy's in here as well as make some new ones..blessings all