Smokus-Pokus...Be Gone with ya!!!!

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 15, 2013

Yesterday i had an epifhany....hummmm, wonder how bad I just spelled that one, lol?!?

I got to thinking I need to name my nicotine urge so I can better address IT when it sways in my mind. Thomas gave me a great idea and said to name it something funny and he suggested Smokus-Pokus...I love it, makes me smile and sometimes laugh.

So I have not had to yell at Smokus-Pokus yet today....IT is thus far leaving me alone....but I am also staying busy and not allowing Mr.Smokie-Pokie to live in my brain. I recognize what IT is trying to do to me and It can just go poke it's smous-pokus attidtude down a toliet, cause thats about where it belongs...FLUSHED OUT!

Have a great day everyone. Sun is out~ I am out~God is good~Life is good and I am going to go enjoy my day with my wonderful/awesome husband! ...and that's all I got to say about that!