This really is a 'Mind Thing'..4 me anyway...

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 10, 2013

I really do not enjoy the taste of a cigg...the smell, the after taste,,, the after smell. Now that the drug ( nicotine) is out of my system and finally the urges have settled down to a quiet really is tollerabe.

Of course I have these moments where I 'think' I may need to smoke but more and more the moment follows with 'Oh, don't smoke anymore'. When did this happen? I can't say for sure. About 2 weeks in I think?

Being educated this go 'round and KNOWING I WILL post a 911 call to a lifeline or this site has taken a lot of pressure off for some reason. I feel different. I see what could happen if I fail to follow through. Meaning, I just can't risk putting one of the nasty ciggs to my mouth or I will be right back where I was to begin with...starting over. Groundhog day, so to speak.

My past failures, I have learned from. I seriously want this quit to hold. I really did take for granted that I could quit without 100% support before, me being an educated gal...haha, thinking I had this....well I didn't pull it together well enough. I allowed my own pride to get in the way of my quit...then shamfully had to 'fess up' and go back to start.

I am glad I did. Failures are only valuable if you learn from them..I did. 38 days at 3:30 or so today....and theres just no stopping me this go round. Sorry if I bored you, I am home sick yet and thought I'd write a bit. This is worst sinus infection I have ever had! UGH!!!!! It's 90 degrees outside and I am still freezing!!!!