Under the weather

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 6, 2013

Started out as Sinus/ear infections and now has traveled to my chest...bronchitis, UGH!

Thank goodness I am not smoking. I can't believe I was dumb enough to actually light up when I was sick in the past with this....I know I did. Stupid!

I read alot of people saying how bad they want to quit-.....stay quit.......-try to quit-.....makes me think...I have said ALL of that...I had also relapsed a few times. Each time I did I always knew I wanted to be done with it ( smoking). Each time I relapsed I never stopped and looked before I put the nasty thing in my mouth at my ongoing list of why I quit in the first place.

For me, this is for me. To have on hand to remind me ( any anyone else if they want) why I must stay quit. I am not quitting for hubby, kids. I am quitting for me and in doing so, I will be here longer for them:)

I have done my homework this time. I will continue to learn with an open mind. Heres why I love NOT smoking: I smell good:) My clothes and hair smell good...I passed some smokers in parking lot recently and although they looked nice did they stink!!! I do not:)

Yes, I have crappy cold right now, but not as a result of MY smoking...although the jury is still out to decide if I will end up with COPD. Thats in Gods hands now, not mine...Although it is another STRONG reason I will not put another nast cigg to my face! Doing my part.

My workouts are amazing! Except for being sick right now,:(

Okay, going to bed. Just had some thoughts I wanted to record. Thanks to all who have supported me. Blessings:)