Romancing the smokes...

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 7, 2013

For me this is key. I can say that every time I relapsed...I had begun to romance the smoke and it was always during my time in NML. What will I do different? I will recognize that when I have the first 'romance feeling'..I will blog here or call someone. I will not wait it gets so bad that I give in. Easy to say...right?

I think it is. I just never did it, never even occurred to me that romancing the smoke was actually me getting myself ready to break a good quit. I see it now. I am in NML now, will be day 35 later today for me...and I am planning on getting there one day at a time.

I see some favorite friends relapsing here recently. I was one of them nearly 35 days ago. I know how they feel, I know how they are so ashamed. I was too. But they are back and so am I. Not giving up...but get yourself ready to 'call up or blog up'...should the romance begin again. So I extend my friendship to all. If you failed, and your here at this me that says your heart is in the right we have to work on the action part.

Your worth am I.