Another day of freedom

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 7, 2013

I can't say enough how grateful I am to this site and all of you. I am at day 4 and doing well. Seems like a beeze this go around but i have the 'tools' in place this time for sneak attacks,lol.

Went to funeral yesterday and kept busy canning zucchini for the most part. Worked on the blasted swimming pool. Would LOVE to just fill the thing in. I have been dealing with iron stains on the liner all summer and found out we have grommets that were rusting and had to be replaced, so thats done now and i am waiting for CHL levels to drop so I can add a chemical to get rid of the rusty looking stains. I keep telling my husband that pool area would be so nice as a garden area, it's all the critters would stay out, lol. I dont think it will happen though:)

Got me to thinking about how it is like my quit. Until I removed the nicotine, the 'stains' inside my body will only increase. So now, for me , the nicotine level has decreased and now I just need to maintain. If I smoke the stains will slowley reappear and I am back to where I started. I think I may even take a picture of the rust stains in the pool and put it up on kitchen fridge as a reminder. Hey, whatever works...right?

Love to you, this is going to be a good day and thank you all for your continued support.