HAPPY ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 3, 2013

I can't stay online llong right now because company just arrived, but could not wait and had to post this! I will try to get online later today, if not...for sure tomorrow.

I just finished reading Allen Carr's book awhile ago and hit the fear factor I have been dealing with big time!

I am happy to announce that at 3:08pm today...per following ALL of Allens instruction's....I snuffed out THE LAST CIGARETTE THAT I WILL EVR PUT TO MY MOUTH AGAIN...AND I FEEL ELATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have ALL of you in here to thank for getting me on the right direction.  MANY of you told me to read this book.   Although fairly educated about nicotine during my last 'bout' of smoking and using cold turkey to quit...I failed after 60 plus days due to the FEAR. I knew it and the book confirmed it.  The relief I am feeling now is so mind blowing I cannot describe it.

I am back...I am a non-smoker. N.O.P.E.....I will continue to educate myself on this rotten addiction and I will give back to whom ever wants it, the joys I have learned, am learning and will continue to learn living as a non-smoker, in good times and bad until the day God calls me home! Whew...freedom rocks!

My only question is this: What date do I set me new 'tickor'? Today or tomorrow??? As I won't truly have one entire day in until tomorrow at 3:08pm.

Thank you Ex'ers...I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!