Would you do it?

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 23, 2013

If the only way Nicotine could be delivered to your system was by a needle in the arm or sniffed up your nose via straw???? I doubt any of us would. Next time the thought to 'smoke' enters your brain...consider this. would be no differnt than any other drug addict except via route the drug enters your body. a matter of seconds, you are'hooked' again and within 30 minutes you will crave for another 'hit'

....within a matter a hours ( for some people..days) you will be rushing out to bum ciggs, buy ciggs and scraping through your wallet/purse for the right amout of money to buy them. 

Sound about right for a 'druggie', huh? Thats what we are. Would we pat ourself on the back if we were using a drug like Herion and decided to use it again? I don't think so.....we would for help because we KNEW we needed help to stop.

I did not learn very much the first times I relapsed. I never took the time to truly read about Nicotine, how it relates to my brain and so on. I never reached out much for help. Not even to God and thats sad to me.

I read an article last evening on a different site and there was a story talking about smokers at airports. Since they cannot smoke indoors anymore, they are all hitting it hard before they enter the terminal. Do they look happy to you? Most of them look miserable, dragging in those last bits into theIr lungs to hopefully hold them over until they land at their destination. Remember the glass smoking rooms inside airport terminals? I do. I used them one time years ago and never managed to last a minute in one. Full of smoke and SO STINKY. Yet these people HAD TO FEED their monster. 

I don't have to feed it anymore. It is my choice and it truly is a life or death situation. 55 days today.

Choose Life.~N.O.P.E.