You guys were with me last night....

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 7, 2013

I went with mu hubby to the first 'Social' event ( big cook-out), since I quit smoking. We had a great time and NOBODY I saw there was smoking,how sweet Is that? I did see a couple people take off into the woods no and then and my mind wondered if they were hiding smoking in front of everyone, cause thats what I used to do. I would be so ashamed to be a smoker that I would sneak away and find a private spot to go lite up and get my 'fix'. It was so nice to not feel that way last night.

Anyway, it was relaxing and I had fun. I even had one drink, lol and no 'urges' came from it. I even pictured many of you hanging around the party as my inspiration to not light up...the great thing is I never once felt the need to. Thats real freedom for me:) Thanks to you Ex'ers and this site. Bet you guys did not know you were at this cookout with me last night, well....we all had a good time and the firework show was amazing! Happy Sunday everyone!